I don’t know about the rest of the country, but down here in Nashville we went from about 80-degree days to 30-degree mornings overnight. And before I knew it, I was fumbling through our coat closets to pull out last year’s jackets for the kids to bundle up in on their way to school. And now, I’m scanning all of my favorite shops online to find some great deals on new winter coats for this year — since the 3/4 length arms on last year’s coats won’t quite cut it when the really cold weather hits.

Since winter weather can be so dreary — grey skies and leafless trees — I’m excited to see so many jewel-toned winter coats for kids that are sure to brighten up the scenery this year. From shiny metallics to deep, rich hues, I found so many options that will work well for both boys and girls. Get them now, while you can — and at a price you’ll love — before the snow really starts piling up.

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Whoa, this rose gold puffer jacket at Gap is taking the jewel toned winter coats for kids trend to a whole other level.

The rose gold trend is still going strong, and this Rose Gold Puffer from GapKids is…whoa. This is for the kid who likes to really stand out (which I know a little something about). Don’t miss the discount codes they’re offering each day at their site too. Some of these sales, like 40% off or more, are pretty incredible deals.

Get on trend with jewel-toned winter coats for kids, like this Beaming Blue Puffection Jacket at Ivivva.

My daughter recently received a shimmery ivivva Puffection reversible jacket to try (thanks, ivivva!) and she has worn it every day since, all day long. As in, she eats dinner in it, and uses it as a blanket in the car. She’s even slept in it. She’s obsessed — and I can see why. It’s incredibly soft and light — I’d compare the downy filling to a high-quality sleeping bag — but still very warm for those frosty morning commutes to school. The beaming blue color shown here is perfectly on trend, but the darker, purply hero blue with the wild patterned reverse side is a great pick too (and on sale, whoo!).

Jewel-toned winter coats for kids: We're big fans of the Puffer Jacket by Appaman for our boys and girls -- and this bright fuchsia is rad.

The Appaman puffer coat has been a favorite of mine for a few years, and I’m really liking this bright Sparkle Fuchsia Puffy Coat (although this one also comes in cool navy, burgundy, and steely gray — all good choices for boys and girls). And I’m also a big fan of the longer burgundy-hued Royale Down Coat (shown at very top). All of Appaman’s colors this season are gorgeous and their prices are fairly affordable, especially if you buy a size up and make it last two years. Although you might want to bookmark their page and check back over Black Friday weekend to see if you can score some deeper discounts.

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This deep burgundy puffer parka from J. Crew is a real winner for jewel-toned winter coats for kids this season.

If the lighter-weight puffers just aren’t going to cut it against the cold where you live, this super-warm, deep red Puffer Parka from J. Crew will. And if your kids get it filthy while they’re playing in the snow, no worries. You can throw the whole thing — even the removable fur lining — in the wash. Yep, I’m impressed! (Psst… it’s 40% off right now!)

Jewel-toned winter coats for kids: We're loving this long teal down coat from Patagonia that will keep our kids warm for years.

This shiny teal blue Down for Fun coat is sure to keep your kids very warm this winter, and since it’s Patagonia you can trust that it’s ethically made. In fact, they trace the feathers in their down back to the parent farm to make sure that the birds who provide them are treated humanely. It’s not cheap, but it’s incredibly well-made and should last you through a few kids — so maybe buy this for the oldest one and plan to hang onto it.

Jewel-toned winter coats for kids: We're loving this metallic Copper Penny coat at Hanna Andersson for girls and boys.

Gold and silver are getting a lot of play lately, which is why I love this metallic-hued, three-season Copper Penny Puffer Jacket at Hanna Andersson. It’s totally on trend without being expected, and is great for active kids who want to stay warm but don’t love all the bulk. This is one we love for both boys and girls, and I think it would look particularly good on my redheads at home.