There’s a ton of high-tech baby gear out there these days — but not all of it is stuff we’d actually use or recommend. I mean, just because you can invent a training potty with an iPad stand that doesn’t mean you should. So we put our heads together and took a good look at some of the very best high-tech baby gifts you can find, narrowing it down to 8 we think are definitely worth a spot on your own baby registry.

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4moms Mamaroo Bouncer

Cool high-tech baby gifts: Mamaroo Bouncer
Told you we love 4moms! Everything they make is just so thoughtful and useful, leveraging robotics, technology and innovative design to solve real parenting problems. We first recommended their now beloved Mamaroo bouncer as one of our very first picks when we launched Cool Mom Tech! It’s still a top pick of ours since it not only looks gorgeous, but it offers five speeds, four built-in sounds, and five different motions depending on what soothes your baby best. You can even connect any phone or MP3 player, should your baby only fall asleep to, oh… the Purple Rain soundtrack.


Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Cool high-tech baby gift ideas: The Kinsa Smart Thermometer can track and record temperature + offer guidance through the free app

We’re big fans of this app-compatible thermometer, and especially the in-ear version which offers quite accurate readings in a single second, while making it abundantly clear whether you should worry or not. (As in, 99.2 temp? No worries.) While you can certainly use it without the app — middle of the night fevers don’t always leave time for messing with your phone — it’s nice to to have an ongoing digital record of temperature, while getting real-time guidance regarding symptoms and medications.


Ellie Portable Sterilizer

Cool high-tech baby gifts: The portable Ellie UV sterilizer is a germaphobe's dream

We’re not all germaphobes around here, but we do understand the need for killing germs where it counts, especially around a newborn. A recent reco from our Cool Mom Tech team, this non-toxic, high-tech, lightweight sterilizer kills 99.9% of germs like Salmonella, Staph, E. Coli, and Listeria using digital Truviolet UV technology. You can use it for pacifiers, teething jewelry, your bottle brush, the whole family’s toothbrushes when you travel, or even your iPhone case. Should that make its way into the baby’s mouth. (Which it definitely will.)


Netatmo Home Coach

High tech baby gifts: Netatmo Homecoach monitors your room for temperature, humidity, air quality and even noise levels

While not exclusively for babies, this high-tech device is a smart indoor climate monitor, designed to evaluate the air quality, temperature, humidity levels, and even noise. It connects with Wi-Fi and you control it from the app so you can even check things out and make changes when you’re away.


4moms Self-Installing Car Seat

Cool high tech baby gifts: 4moms self-installing car seat (Yes, really!)
Another winner from our partner 4moms, their brand new, much-lauded Self-Installing Car Seat really does install itself correctly using robotic technology. It verifies the installation (yes, it actually talks to you!) before every ride using multiple sensors, then continuously monitors its status during use for peace of mind every single drive. You can use it for infants 4 to 30 pounds and up to 32 inches. And no worries about losing power; it comes with batteries designed to last for the useful life of the seat for one child. Considering 4 out of 5 car seats aren’t installed properly, this really is a game-changer.

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The SNOO Smart Sleeper

Cool high tech baby gifts: Snoo Smart Sleeper designed by Dr. Harvey Karp helps soothe baby back to sleep with various rocking sensations and white noise options

Developed by Happiest Baby author and pediatric sleep guru Dr. Harvey Karp, this smart bassinet is no substitute for your loving arms, but it does take over when you need to sleep too. It gently rocks babies up to age 6 months, using multiple motions. Plus it’s got white noise sounds built in, so you can turn on the womb sound if the baby is crying, or a gentle rainfall for soothing back to sleep.


Naya Smart Breast Pump

Cool high tech baby gifts: Naya Smart Breast Pump

This parent-designed, hospital-grade electric breast pump completely reinvents what it means to pump, using a HydroComfort water system, instead of air to create suction. Not only is it quieter, more comfortable, lighter weight at 3 pounds, and easy to clean (hooray for that!) than traditional pumps, but you can automatically track your sessions — and even your milk supply — with the companion app. Because, new mom brain is a real thing.


Remi Sleep Companion

Cool high-tech baby gifts: Remi Sleep Tracker and Nightlight

This adorable smiling face is more than just a happy, glowing alarm clock; it’s also a sleep tracker, audio monitor, and Bluetooth speaker all in one — and we’re all for anything that helps babies and toddlers get more sleep. Customize the settings so it winds down with your little one at bedtime, then wakes them in the morning, adapting and learning your child’s patterns better with each use. It can also let them know at which hour of the morning they are allowed to actually get out of bed and start asking you for things. New parents? You’ll see what we mean soon enough.



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