This year, I’m sticking to a pretty strict budget with my own Christmas shopping, because we’re heading to South Korea very soon to finalize our adoption. (Best Christmas gift ever!) (Eds: WE AGREE!) ¬†And, as you can probably guess, flights to South Korea aren’t cheap. Even so,¬†my¬†kids and my husband are needling¬†me about what I want for Christmas, and how can I deny them the¬†pleasure of buying me a gift?

So,¬†I’ve picked out a few items¬†from our holiday gift guides that I really wouldn’t feel that guilty asking for, considering they’re not just amazing gifts, but they’re all on sale right now. Or at least fantastic deals.


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1. She Believed She Could, So She Did mantra band

Great gifts that are great deals: She Believed She Could so She Did mantra bracelet at Nordstrom

I spotted this¬†“She believed she could so she did” mantra bracelet¬†in the¬†Empowering Gifts for Girls post from¬†our¬†2016 Cool Mom Picks Gift Guide, and¬†there’s absolutely no reason I can’t wear it, too. And at just $25, I think it’s¬†pretty affordable inspiration.


2. Page-a-Day Photo Calendar

Great gifts that are great deals: Prinstagram 365-day calendars pull photos from multiple Instagram accounts.

Hey kids, hint hint: How about this adorable, tiny page-a-day photo calendar  I found in our Cool Mom Tech guide to the best personalized photo gifts? I love the idea of being able to see all our favorite family snapshots in one place. Plus, $40 for 365 photos is a fantastic deal.


3. Everyday Bravery Merit Badges

Great gifts that are great deals: Everyday bravery merit badges by Emily McDowell are inspiration with a wicked twist.

I love everything Emily McDowell creates. I’ve been buying her greeting cards for my husband and friends for years, and her coffee mugs are some of my favorite.¬†Her new witty, inspirational, and sometimes¬†snarky Everyday Bravery merit badges are so on-point this year, I want them all. They’re only $10 each — a great deal for a fun stocking stuffer — but you can save 15% more by using code COOLMOM2016.


4. Personalized Silhouette Bar Necklace

Great gifts that are great deals: Silhouette bar necklace by Le Papier Studio

I love this sweet, modern gold bar silhouette necklace from Le Papier Studio, and with our code COOL15, it’s¬†15% off right now. That’s a big savings, since I’d love¬†one with all¬†of my kids’ images on it. Then again, I’d also be happy with the lovely silhouette cuff (shown at very top) so I could look down and see their images on my wrist all day long.


5. KitchenAid Copper Stand Mixer

Great gifts that are great deals: This gorgeous copper KitchenAid stand mixer is a knock out gift!

I’ve been drooling over this mixer ever since I saw it in the 2016¬†Cool Mom Eats Gift Guide post on¬†Outrageous Gifts for Cooks¬†(swoon) though the¬†price tag was way out of my league. But, now¬†I see¬†that it’s nearly $200 off at Amazon! That¬†justifies a quick text to my husband. You know, just to clue him in…in case he needs¬†a little¬†nudge.