While yes, 8 zillion other outrageous things have happened since Sunday night’s Meryl Streep speech that brought down the Golden Globes (and a certain volatile twitter account), we still think it bears discussing.

So today on the latest Spawned podcast episode, we’re chatting candidly about what she said, why we think her speech is worth defending (if you hadn’t guessed from the spisode title), and why we think it’s important that more people engage in politics and the issues they care about — not fewer — whatever their careers or backgrounds or hometowns.

It’s a passionate, fun discussion and we think you’ll really enjoy this one.

Plus, as parents, we talk about how other parents can pull out teaching moments from situations like these; how we’re talking about issues of respect, compassion, empathy, and political engagement with our own kids; why art and performance can be a great way for kids to get out their feelings about the world too.

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A few highlights from the show

-Should actors “stick with acting?” We’re going with no, and we’ll explain why.

-A hilarious but important Twitter rant from Veep actor Timothy Simons that takes down the “out-of-touch Hollywood elite” cliché, big time.

-Kristen shares some enlightening info about Ms. Streep and how she’s spent her life off-screen, which may cast some light on her decision to use acceptance speech the way she did.

– Whoa, Meryl Streep’s speech helped raise $60,000 in one day for the Committee to Protect Journalists.

-A site where you can look up various celebrities and the causes they’re involved with.

-The Human Rights Campaign is about to honor Meryl Streep with their 2017 Ally for Equality Award.

-Liz shares just a few politicians and pundits she like to follow on Twitter who have different politics or policy opinions from her own, to bring her a broader perspective including Evan McMullin, Anna Navarro, and David Frum.

-A chat about the decline of respectful disagreement and civil discourse. (Spoiler alert: Does the term, “UNFOLLOWING” ring a bell?)


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