As a mom-to-be, I’ve been looking for some inspirational prints for boys that I can hang on the nursery walls. After all, I’ve already started my campaign to create a compassionate son, starting with the essential feminist onesie, which was the first item I added to my baby registry.

So as I look for artwork, I’ve been thinking beyond the typical superheroes, rockets, and robots (all of which I love!) that you tend to see “for boys” and seeing out inspirational prints for boys that will be a reminder to my whole family to work hard to raise a son who is smart, caring, and respectful.

So I hope you love these lovely inspirational prints for boys (and of course, they’re fantastic for girls too!) that speak volumes about being a leader, a good friend, a kind person.

Here’s to raising brilliant young men — with a little help from Dumbledore, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Winnie the Pooh.

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Inspirational prints for boys: A timely reminder from MLK in this print from Mango and Design.

The time is always right for a quote as timeless and true as this inspirational quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. we found at Mango and Design on Etsy. In fact, I’m feeling especially inspired by this one right now.

Inspirational prints for boys: Such a cool design on this Iron Giant Quote Print from Quiet Boys Studio.

It’s been awhile since The Iron Giant ruled the box office, but in my opinion, robots are always cool. And I love the fun graphics and strong message on this Iron Giant inspirational print from Quiet Boy Studios.

Inspirational quotes for boys: Love this classic Harry Potter Quote Print from Cee Bee Studio.

Ah, Dumbledore. He always knows just what to say. I’m especially fond of the poignant reminder on this Harry Potter inspirational print that boys will love, spotted at Cee Bee Studio. This one could easily follow your son from his nursery days to his teenage years.

Inspirational prints for boys: Perfect encouragement from Christopher Robin in this Winnie the Pooh print from Simple Serene.

Amongst all the empowerment quotes, my favorite might be this Winnie the Pooh inspirational print artwork designed by Simple Serene. While it’s the message we often remember to tell our daughters, I think boys need a healthy dose of it too.

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Inspirational prints for boys: This Gandhi quote never gets old.

This Gandhi inspirational quote art from Lighter Words is a perfect encapsulation of what integrity looks like. And that happiness has nothing to do with owning lots of LEGO sets — something my son might need a reminder of in a few years.

Inspirational prints for boys: Vintage lettering but modern-day message on this print from Mye de Leon. 

I love the bright, bold, and vintage-style lettering of this inspirational quote art by Jean-Jacques Rousseau that I found at Mye De Leon’s Etsy shop that’s so great for a boy’s room. Great combo of meaning and sharp design.


Inspirational prints for boys: Another timeless quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here’s another Martin Luther King Jr. quote I found turned into artwork at Quiet Sundays that I really like. It can really translate to all areas of life, from the playground to politics. Come to think of it, I could use a copy of this one in my office too.

Inspirational prints for boys: Another from Dumbledore. Love this Harry Potter Quote Poster at Harknett Prints. 

I had to include this Harknett Prints design of one of the most iconic Harry Potter quotes from our favorite Hogwarts headmaster. So very encouraging for those of us who weren’t born with superpowers. The choices we make are even more powerful — making this a winning inspirational print for boys of any age.