I’m long past the days of decorating a baby’s¬†room (sniff), but when you find inspirational nursery prints this wonderful and beautifully designed, it’s a wonder we ever used to settle for those ubiquitous licensed children’s¬†characters or generic animals.

After having looked at so many of these wonderful inspirational quote prints that weren’t necessarily designed as baby¬†gifts — but happen to make great ones —¬†I’ll be snagging some for my friends who are having babies. And maybe even a few for our own home¬†that my elementary-aged¬†kids will love.

Because I figure if I’ve got any job as a mom, it’s making sure my kids know that¬†they’re loved to the nth degree, that they have massive amounts of potential, and that they should enjoy life each and every day.¬†Great reminders¬†for babies¬†— or adults — of any age, don’t you think?

Top artwork from Castle and Things | CMP is an rstyle affiliate


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Inspirational nursery prints: Maya Angelou quote at Soul Printables

This Is a Wonderful Day, I Have Never Seen This One Before Maya Angelou printable file | Soul Printables ($5.00)

One of our all-time favorite quotes from the incomparable Maya Angelou, this is the kind of print a young child can gaze at for its pretty floral design, then grow to appreciate in a whole different way.



Inspirational nursery prints: Wild and Precious Life at Bookworm Prints

Tell Me, What Is It You Plan to Do with Your Wild and Precious Life print | The Bookworm Prints ($14.60)

Simple black-and-white is so elegant for nurseries and it’s become such a great trend lately. But when it comes to artwork, I think this quote from Pulitzer-winning poet Mary Oliver¬†goes with absolutely any decor style at all.

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Inspirational nursery prints: She is Fierce print at Violet and Alfie

And Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce print | Violet and Alfie ($21.88, ships from England)

Yes, we’ve all probably seen this quote by now from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which is so popular with girls rooms, and this is one of the loveliest renditions I’ve seen of it.

(Editor’s note: It’s actually not written about baby girls; it’s a little snark from Helena blurted¬†out during a fight with her best friend Hermia who’s being totally awful under the spell of magic. Read the whole scene, it’s great.)

Inspirational nursery prints: Looking for a Mind at Work print at Joyful Fox

Looking for a Mind at Work from Hamilton print | The Joyful Fox ($15.00)

Could it have been long before all the memorable lines from cult hit Hamilton were translated into fan art, which makes wonderful nursery prints?

Inspirational nursery prints: Think of the Happiest Things print from Poppy Loves to Groove

Think of the Happiest Things print | Poppy Loves to Groove ($18.98)

Yes, Peter Pan quotes can be a classic for baby’s rooms, but there’s nothing baby-ish about the color and design of this sophisticated art print.


Inspirational nursery prints: Shine On, My Love at Land of Nod

Shine On, My Love print | Land of Nod ($24.95)

Unicorn prints will never not be appropriate in any¬†room as far as we’re concerned, especially this one from Lucy Darling, which is just so¬†whimsical and artful with that rough-hewn wood block look.


Inspirational nursery prints: Be Strong poster at Land of Nod

Be Strong oversized banner | Land of Nod (on sale, $59.97)

Inspiration doesn’t have to be sappy, as seen with this slightly kitschy, really fun¬†illustrated print by artist Misha Lu. I could even see it in an office, but a nursery seems like a good place for it to start its life.

Inspirational nursery prints: Have Big Dreams print at Nutsy and Me

Have Big Dreams, You Will Grow Into Them printable artwork | Nutsy and Me ($3.99)

A super affordable way to decorate a nursery or child’s room, this printable file just requires good paper, ink, and the perfect spot on the wall.


Inspirational nursery prints: Might as Well Dance at Emily McDowell

If the Music Is Good, You Might as Well Dance print | Emily McDowell ($28.00)

Adapted from Gertrude Stein’s “…you might as well dance” (and many subsequent lyricists) we absolutely love Emily McDowell’s artwork¬†in all its forms, and especially here. Because should our¬†kids ever outgrow it, we’ll happily display it in our own rooms.

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Inspirational nursery prints: Little Prince quote at Wall the Fox Art

Only the Children Know what They Are Looking For Little Prince print | Wall the Fox Art ($13.90)

Okay, so the¬†Little Prince is definitely a go-to¬†for quotes that make fantastic, inspirational nursery art prints. While this one is specifically about children,¬†it’s less common than some others we’ve seen and frankly, it gives us adults a lot to think about too.

Inspirational nursery prints: You're just the sweetest... from Castle and Things

Isn't She Lovely... Stevie Wonder lyric as inspirational nursery art handmade by Castle & Things

Handmade embroidered fabric art | Castle and Things ($350-way up)

We know the¬†exquisite wall art from Rachel Castle is a small fortune, but we just could resist. Each one-of-a-kind piece is hand-cut and hand-sewn from from felt and gold fabrics and sewn to vintage Belgian linen.¬†Though they’re not all quite this spendy, and there are prints as well. You can¬†find dozens of designs (also at top, with Stevie Wonder lyrics) with lots of cheeky pop culture references, and¬†even request custom orders if what you love is sold out.

Her work is more than just inspirational nursery art; she’s creating¬†true heirlooms.