Thanks to our awesome partner Warner Bros. Pictures, I had the opportunity to jet out to LA this past weekend (wow, did I need that) for the launch party and red carpet — okay, black and yellow carpet — premiere of¬†The LEGO Batman Movie.

If you’ve got a kid who’s obsessed — and trust me, after your kids see it, they will be — I gathered some fantastic ideas for throwing a creative, memorable LEGO Batman themed party.

And by gathered, I mean I have shamelessly stolen them from¬†the studio’s brilliant party planners. But you know, I adapted them. Because, presumably none of us have the same budget as Warner Bros. when it comes to our kids’ birthday parties.

All photos © Liz Gumbinner or Jon Armstrong  for Cool Mom Picks. All rights reserved

1. A Grand Entrance

LEGO Batman Movie premiere party: ideas for your own kids' birthday party

Though you’re not going to construct an entire archway out of LEGO bricks (no, not even you, you uber Pinterest moms), you can¬†hang a big The LEGO Batman¬†Movie poster over the front door or print a publicity still from the movie.

Also, roll out a yellow carpet for your guests¬†— extra points for yellow and black.

You can also have “paparazzi” (i.e. relatives in dark glasses wearing press pass lanyards and holding big cameras) snapping photos for each guest’s¬†grand entrance.

Big first impression!


2. LEGO Batman Party Photo Ops

Pictures or it didn’t happen, amirite? Even at kids’ birthday parties.

If you’re thinking about photo ops or photo booth ideas for a The LEGO Batman Movie themed party, there¬†was no shortage¬†of inspiration at the premiere party:


Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Picks poses with the star of the LEGO Batman Movie at the premiere party

A. Actual people walking around in LEGO minifig character costumes. (Spendy!)

B. Life-size LEGO Batman model at the party entrance. (Moderately spendy but maybe you can find an inflatable.)


LEGO Batman Movie Premiere party ideas: forced perspective iPhone photo with the Batman minifig

Party ideas from the LEGO batman Movie Premiere: forced perspective photo with the Batman Minifig!

C. A cool forced-perspective iPhone setup which creates the illusion that you’re on the same plane as the little LEGO Batman minifig — even though you’re actually behind him. You can see the setup and result here¬†which is super creative. (Not-so-spendy but requires lots of tech savvy.)


LEGO Batman Movie party ideas: Masks = perfect photobooth props

D. Regular old photo opps thanks to Batman and Batgirl masks, baseball caps, a good photobooth app¬†and a parent’s¬†smartphone camera. (Totally doable!)

As you can see with my daughter, D works¬†just fine and lets you spend more money on oh…say, cupcakes. But I’ll get to that.


3. Colorful LEGO Batman Party Decor

Free printable LEGO Batman Movie Posters

At the party, the walls were made to look like LEGO bricks, with a spray paint‚Äďstyle of illustration for¬†each of the characters.

Alternatively, just hit the official site to download free printable The LEGO Batman Movie posters, which look great and are pretty hilarious. Just print them out large and cover your walls.

You could also tape them all down to a table top, making for a fun, creative, makeshift paper tablecloth.


4. LEGO Batman Party Activities

There are endless ideas when it comes to activities, because you’ve got LEGO to drawn on, you’ve got all the superhero-themed activities, and you’ve got Hollywood. So here are just a few cool ones I saw at the premiere party.


LEGO Batman Movie party ideas: Yellow, gray and black bricks on every table

LEGO Bricks to Play With
Each table at the party had a lucite box filled with yellow, black, and gray pieces and I really liked¬†that kids could create whatever they wanted at all — no models, no guides to follow. Just free play, and the kids loved it. Plus, we adore¬†when party crafts and activities double as take-home party favors.

But hey, there’s always the brand new LEGO Batman sets, which are pretty fantastic.


LEGO Batman party ideas: Tattoos!

Temporary Tattoos
Tats are always fun for kids of any age. These are modeled by our friend and fellow blogger, Charlie Capen of How to Be a Dad with his son, Finn. Not to be confused with the real tattoo that Charlie’s sporting above the temporary one.

(No real tattoos at your kid’s party, please. The other parents might not like it.)


Free printable activity pages for a LEGO Batman Movie themed party

Printable Activity Pages

Activity pages are always good to have on hand at any party, especially for younger kids who may need a little settle down time between a rambunctious activity and the cake.

Download these free printable LEGO Batman movie activity pages (PDF) that include word searches, hidden message brain teasers, and coloring pages.


LEGO Batman Movie premiere party: video game stations

LEGO Batman Movie Premiere: video game controller with minifigs attached. Nice touch!

Video Game Contests
There were video game stations everywhere and if you’re down for¬†some screen time at your party, the kids could spend some time playing round robin‚Äďstyle games of the LEGO Batman video game. Nice touch: attaching minifigs¬†to the controllers. However long that lasts.

5. LEGO Batman Party Themed Treats

LEGO Batman Movie premiere cupcakes: Fun party idea!

I absolutely loved the tiered yellow stand holding cupcakes emblazoned with the Batman logo, edible LEGO bricks, and all those fun Blam and Pow comic-style exclamations.

This could also be a great activity, by the way. Consider getting all the decoratifs together without assembling. Then let kids go to town making their own super treats.


Candy LEGO Block and other treat ideas for a LEGO Batman Movie Party

Another brilliant idea was a Dylan’s Candy Bar buffet table. There were tons of jars of candy, each one¬†labeled along the lines of the theme.

Grape and Lemon Jellybeans = Batgirl Jellybeans
Black and Yellow M&Ms = Batman Candy
Green Figure 8 Gummies = Robin’s Masks
Edible LEGO Bricks = LEGO Bricks!
Purple Rock Candy = Batgirl’s Batcave Candy
Licorice Wheels = Batmobile Wheels

And you can totally do this with healthier treats too:

Purple grapes = Batgirl Snacks
Green Grapes = Joker Snacks
Green and Yellow Apple Slices = Robin Snacks

But, get creative! I’m sure you can get red pepper strips to somehow correspond¬†to¬†Harley Quinn, right?


6. The Guest List!

Okay so¬†the¬†celebs attending¬†The LEGO Batman Movie premiere in L.A. were pretty amazing. There was¬†Zach Galifianakis (Joker), Michael Cera (Robin), Mariah Carey (Mayor McCaskill), Jenny Slate (Harley Quinn), Patton Oswalt, Tony Hawk, Amber Rose, Terry Crews, and a ton more who I didn’t see because ZOMG it was a little overwhelming.

And of course…I caught Will Arnett, who voices Batman.

And hey, there he is!

Will Arnett LEGO Batman Movie Premiere

Photo: @coolmompicks via Instagram

But I have a feeling that your kids and their own best friends, cousins, and siblings will make for the absolute perfect VIP list.


So about The LEGO Batman Movie…

While this is not a movie review, can I just say how awesome it is? And funny? And wry? And clever? And pop culture-y? And how much I can’t wait to see it again with my kids this week? Because it is all that.

Take a sneak peek for yourself here:

You can buy tickets for The LEGO Batman Movie, which is in theaters starting TODAY, February 10! Visit the official The LEGO Batman Movie website and like the The LEGO Batman Movie Facebook page for fun, games, links, and way better celebrity photos than I was able to get. 

Thanks so much to our sponsor Warner Bros. Pictures for sending me to the premiere! 

All photos © Liz Gumbinner or Jon Armstrong for Cool Mom Picks. All rights reserved