With the much-anticipated release of the new Power Rangers movie tonight (!!), we’re not sure if kids are more excited — or those of us who grew up with them in the ’90s are. Which is why we’ve had the best time browsing the cool new Power Rangers toys and gear from our sponsor, Saban’s Power Rangers¬†and doing a little virtual shopping of our own.

Got a kid — or adult — on your gift¬†list¬†who’s obsessed? Here are a few of our picks for the coolest of the Power Rangers toys, tees, and gear that were just¬†released.

Power up, friends!


Saban's Power Rangers Bomber Jacket: So hip!

Bomber jackets are so so hot right now (can you tell I recently went spring shopping with my kids?) and I’ve even been seeing kimono-style hybrid jackets with Japanese motifs and lettering. So, of course I’m¬†flipping out for this Zack Attack Power Rangers Moto Jacket. The XS would be great on my kids, but I could see myself sporting one too.


Funko Pop! Saban's Power Rangers based on the new movie

Kids who fall in love with the Saban’s Power Rangers¬†movie will love all of the Funko Pop! figures with¬†a modernized style reflecting ¬†the new characters — and their insane new outfits. They look amazing¬†as a collection, staggered on¬†small shelves, hanging from¬†the wall of any kid’s room, and because they’re so affordable, you could totally do that.

Funko Pop! Retro Power Rangers - love!

If you’re more of a retro purist, you can also find Funko Pop! Retro Power Rangers¬†in all their campy glory, sporting their slammin’ ’90s gear.¬†Back in the day, those boots were all that and a bag of chips. (As the kids once said. Though we’re trying to forget we did.)



Saban's Power Rangers tshirts and hoodies get a super hip makeover

There are a ton of styles of Power Rangers hoodies and tees available, but these stood out as my favorites at¬†the¬†Saban’s Power Rangers webshop. The contemporary designs are so clean and sophisticated. I particularly¬†love the back of the lightning bolt tee, which reads¬†Together We Are More. Great message.

The white (or black) Together We Are Zord tee comes in youth sizes too, so even our littler ones have the chance to do battle with Dai Shi. If only in the backyard, in their imaginations.


Cool new Power Rangers movie toys: Pink Power Ranger action figure


What girl¬†among us did not want to be Kimberly? I imagine not much has changed in all these years, and with the new Power Rangers Movie out, I know¬†a kid — or 20 — in my life who will¬†love to take this Pink Power Ranger Action Figure¬†(available at Toys R Us) home and zoom her around the backyard. Just keep away from¬†mysterious Australian foreign exchange students shown signs of evil possession.


Power Rangers twin sheet set for kids at Target

The design of this¬†Power Ranger Twin Sheet Set¬†at Target is pretty fantastic — especially that the anime-inspired lightning bolt motif on the top sheet. It will keep so¬†many kids feeling nice and safe before they turn in for the¬†night. Power…down?


Squad Goals Power Rangers tee: Retro fun!

If you want to go more retro, you can’t get more old-school¬†than this Squad Goals tee¬†at the¬†Power Rangers shop,¬†featuring the original¬†TV characters. Oh, memories…


Thanks to our sponsor for coming out with so much cool stuff for kids and adults!

You can find¬†Saban’s Power Rangers and retro Power Rangers toys and gear¬†from the¬†Saban’s Power Rangers Shop. And¬†stay in touch with news, videos, and other cool toy + gear releases from the¬†Ranger Nation website. Because it is indeed a Ranger Nation, and we’re just living in it.

Of course, ¬†don’t miss the Saban’s Power Rangers movie, which premieres tonight, March 24! ¬†#TogetherWeAreMore, amirite?