As your kids get older, it can get a little tougher to find ways to bond and connect with them. One perfect way is through music. But can you handle what they’re listening to?

That’s why we were so excited this week to sit down and discuss the issue with Laurie Berkner, the undisputed queen of kids music. Especially because she’s making the leap into music for older kids, with her upcoming Laurie Berkner: The Dance Remixes, which will feature 12 EMF dance tracks remixing favorite children’s songs over the past 20 years.

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Just a few of the topics in this episode:

-How creating shared connections can bring you closer

-Why it’s important not to reject or make fun of your kids’ music outright.

-Each of us reveal first concerts (one thing Liz never knew about Kristen!)

-Whether kids are discovering music the same way

-Kristen, a former music therapist, discusses how repetition and nostalgia breed preference

-The challenges with Spotify from an indie artist’s perspective

-Great musical soundtracks Laurie’s tween is into right now

-One of Laurie’s biggest influences…which turns out to be Liz’s all-time favorite band

Laurie Berkner on how to connect with tweens and older kids over music

Laurie Berkner | Photo: Todd Owyoung

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Links from this week’s episode of Spawned

We are the Dinosaurs: The new kids' book from Laurie Berkner based on her popular song

The brand new kids’ book based on We Are the Dinosaurs

Kids on video hilariously reacting to Nirvana

Schoolhouse Rock Rocks, the 90’s indie rock cover album

Pentatonix: Love them!

Laurie Berkner Band official website, where you can keep your eyes out for the September launch of Laurie Berkner: The Dance Remixes

Laurie’s upcoming concert calendar

Laurie Berkner Band Facebook Page and Twitter feed (she really does respond!)

Laurie Berkner Vevo Page and official YouTube Page — subscribe and you really support her work.


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