Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and so I’ve been searching for some really great brunch recipes. Good news is, between Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Eats, we’ve already found more recipes than we could ever cook in a lifetime, so we rounded them up in one place just for you.

Whether you’re looking for a recipe you can prep ahead of time, a sweet treat for a thoughtful and delicious food gift, or even a mocktail (or cocktail) to make the day a bit more festive, we’ve got 75+ Mother’s Day brunch recipes the whole family will enjoy — all right here.

At top: A scrumptious Baked Blueberry Lemon French Toast | Damn Delicious

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Best Mother's Day Brunch recipes: Breakfast Quiche at Real Food by Dad

Breakfast Quiche | Real Food by Dad

7 delicious make-ahead brunch recipes perfect for Mother’s Day (including the decadent Baked Blueberry Lemon French Toast by Damn Delicious, shown at top, and the yummy Breakfast Quiche from Real Food by Dad, above)

5 easy Mother’s Day brunch recipes the kids can help make

Our new favorite make-ahead brunch recipe.

Make-ahead Easter brunch recipe: Honey Yogurt Mousse recipe

Honey Yogurt Mousse with Honey Roasted Strawberries | Cool Mom Picks

8 breakfast and brunch recipes the kids can help make

3 Mother’s Day brunch menus as great as the women we’re honoring

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Best Mother's Day Brunch recipes: Tequila Sunrise cocktails at Just Putzing Around the Kitchen

Tequila Sunrise cocktails | Just Putzing Around the Kitchen

Mimosa recipes for a marvelous Mother’s Day (including the festive Tequila Sunrise cocktails from Just Putzing Around the Kitchen, above)

6 fab brunch recipes you can prep in 30-minutes or less

5 sticky bun recipes for a perfect brunch spread, complete with make-ahead directions

7 great Mother’s Day brunch recipes for those too busy to make brunch

8 perfect party punch recipes to serve on Mother’s Day

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Best Mother's Day Brunch recipes: I Heart Mom cookies at Hungry Happenings

Raspberry Linzer I Heart Mom cookies | Hungry Happenings

7 make-ahead brunch recipes for a no-fuss Mother’s Day brunch

8 delicious Mother’s Day food gifts you can make with the kids (including the sweet Raspberry Linzer I Heart Mom cookies from Hungry Happenings, above)

Another favorite recipe to make your brunch so much easier


6 easy Mother’s Day brunch recipes the kids can make…with someone else’s help

6 delicious make-ahead brunch recipes that still taste great the next morning