Oh, bedtime. Why do you have to be so difficult for so many parents? From infant swaddlers to resources for big kid sleep anxiety, parents with kids of all ages will always crave solutions to make bedtime safer and easier.

While my baby is still a few years away from making his way into his own bed, I know I’m going to jump all over these clever Cosie Covers bed rail covers when we hit the toddler bed with bed rail milestone.

So smart!

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Love the Cosie Cover in blue!

Designed by mom Cori Sinclair, the bed rail covers covers proport to fit most standard railings, adding some style and softness to a piece of furniture that’s purely functional — and honestly, pretty ugly.

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Even better, Cosie Covers include a pocket on the inside of each cover, so that kids can store a few favorite books or stuffed animal friends for easy access.

Plus, if you’ve got older kids with sleep issues, but who are reluctant to have rails on their “big kid beds,” covering up the rail this way could help them get past the problem.

Find  Cosie Covers bed rail covers in four colors from their website