The upcoming Keith Haring special edition Ergobaby carriers are being promoted as a celebration of parenting and art. Which they are. But if you know about the vision of this now iconic pop artist, wearing these new carriers says so much more.

Keith Haring’s rainbow palette and social activist themes have come to represent the importance of community and equality, especially for the LGBT community, ever since his graffiti started appeared around New York City subways in the 1970’s. So imagine a lot of parents will be thrilled to wear those values comfortably on their chests, thanks to two different styles of carriers featuring Haring’s fun, fierce, colorful pop art.

The one downside: You’ll have to wait until August to preorder.

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The new Ergo Baby 360 + Keith Haring collection of baby carriers | cool mom picks

New Keith Haring Ergo Baby carriers in two styles...and kid sizes too for dolls! |


The new Ergobaby special collection will include their beloved Ergobaby Omni 360 carrier, and even matching doll carriers for little ones.

Since you can use the carrier for growing babies up to 33 pounds, maybe they’ll even have vague memories of their early art education — thanks to their very rad parents, of course.

See the preview video for the new Ergobaby + Keith Haring special collection of carriers and find them on the Ergobaby website for preorder starting in August. 

CORRECTION: An earlier edit referred to a Keith Haring print Ergobaby stroller; it’s only available as a carrier.