Is there really anything new in baby swaddlers. Not much, generally. Mostly variations on fabrics and Velcro positioning. ButĀ as a new mom myself, I am flipping out over theĀ Kepi Kozy Support Swaddle and Dock.

You heard that right: It’s got a dock.

This swaddler system was created by a BTDT dad in order to not just help your baby get a good night’s sleep, but to support your newborn’s head and neck with a body-hugging “spoon” that tucks right into the fabric.

As I recently discovered, supporting a baby’s delicate head and neck can be surprisingly hard work (and anxiety-inducing, for many new parents like myself!), especially when they’re so teeny tiny. So you can see why I love this.

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Kepi Kozy Complete Starter Kit -- a new way to swaddle a newborn

If you’re wondering what the heck all this stuff is, the spoon-looking orange thing tucks inside the flap in the back of the swaddle to support your baby’s head and neck. And then the anti-roll dock allows you to put your swaddled baby down to nap in their crib or when you need a minute to, you know, brush your teeth.

The thing I loved most after trying out this 3-piece system, is that it freed up one of my hands, even during those long hours of gently swaying my son to a calm, restful state. I alsoĀ liked thatĀ it gave me much more peace of mind when I handed him over to other people.

And that fabric…whoa. So incredibly soft, like a favorite t-shirt with just the might amount of stretch.


Kepi Kozy Support Swaddle: Rainbow print


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If you’re wondering, yes, the dock is essential; I asked the company. The dock is necessary if you’re using the system as intended with the spoon in the swaddle to support the head and if you’re putting your baby down, especially for nap or nighttime. If you don’t have the dock with you, they advise you remove the spoon from the swaddle before putting your baby down to sleep to prevent accidental tipping.

Just know, this is one amazing swaddler with a ton of benefits, and a price to match. Especially considering you only get a few months out of it — it’s made for babies about 0ā€“3 months and under 15 pounds, for use before they start rolling over. Though the complete starter kit does give you a discount.

(But it’s so so good! Who’s got generous friends or grandparents? Hit them up for your baby shower!)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have this swaddle when my son had just come home from the hospital and wow, I wish I had. It took meĀ several deep breaths to not scream, “Support the head!” from across the room every time a well-meaning relative or friend wanted to hold him. This might have been a nicer alternative.

You can find the Kepi Kozy Support Swaddle and DockĀ in an array of cool summer prints (rainbows! ice cream!) and fun colors from their site or you can get the Kozy Starter Kit from our affiliate Amazon. Thanks to the company for sending a sample for review consideration.