When Hasbro’s new Star Wars: A Force Awakens Monopoly set came out in late 2015, fans discovered something was missing. Well, someone was missing: Rey.

And one 8-year-old wasn’t okay with that. (And honestly, neither were we.)

So Annie Rose Goldman wrote Hasbro a letter, which her mom tweeted to the company, explaining how critical it was to include Rey in the all-male token set. Without her, THERE IS NO FORCE AWAKENS! It awakens in her” she wrote, echoing so many of our own feelings.

She ended her plea with: Girls matter! Boy or girl, who cares? We are all equal!

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Star Wars: A Force Awakens Monopoly set with Rey token

Hasbro said the game didn’t have Rey in it due to “movie spoilers,” but promised to update it — and assured consumers that anyone who had already bought the set and wanted a Rey token should write in, and they’d send it for free.

(Which sort of seems like a lot of work, but then again, it also sort of seems like the movie’s heroine should have been part of the set in the first place, so okay.)

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Now, 18 months later, Annie Rose and Rey fans everywhere are getting their wish, because the newest Star Wars: A Force Awakens Monopoly set will be released on July 25.

With a Rey token in it.

Because obviously Annie Rose is right: Girls matter.

h/t Hollywood Reporter