We are always encouraged that when tragedy strikes, like Hurricane Harvey in the Houston-Galveston area right now, so many people come together to ask, how can I help?

Since making landfall on Friday, Hurricane Harvey has already dropped more than 24 inches of rain in southeast Texas, causing catastrophic flooding. Harvey has since been downgraded to a tropical storm, but its impact will continue to devastate: It’s expected to leave at least another 15 to 25 inches of rainfall over the next few days. So help is truly needed in so many ways.

Here are some fantastic organizations doing all they can to help out during the storm. However you can support them — monetary donations, food, supplies, or even your time — let’s pull together as we always do when we see others in dire need.

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Donate Money and Urgent Supplies to the Houston Area

All of these organizations are in active need of money, food, and/or supplies in order to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, but check their sites or social media to see what they need most urgently right now. It will surely continue to change.

Also keep in mind that donating used¬†clothing may be the first way you think to help, but it often creates challenges for charities in terms of receiving and distributing them. ¬†We urge you not to send clothing anywhere unless it’s specifically requested.

What disaster relief efforts need most are monetary donations. Consider these organizations on the ground:

You may know that for the American Red Cross, you can donate $10 with a single text message which makes it so easy.

Also check out Coalition for the Homeless,¬†Heart to Heart International,¬†Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies¬†(which provides emergency help for the elderly and disabled), Team Rubicon (one of our longtime favorite non-profits),¬†Samaritan’s Purse, Save the Children,¬†Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, and Organizacion Latina de Trans en Texas. BakerRipley helps rebuild communities with long-term disaster relief.

They may be in need of specific supplies, and certainly volunteers in the area, in addition to funds.

And as moms, we also urge you to consider supporting The Texas Diaper Bank which is in dire need of packs of diapers because they are not supplied by disaster relief agencies.

Support Pet and Animal Rescue

So many pets and wildlife are impacted by natural disasters as well. Check the Animal Defense League of Texas, Austin Pets Alive, and SPCA of Texas to see how you might help their efforts.

A reader also alerted us to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation that is already on the ground in Texas, providing rescue dogs to firefighters and other first responders to help find those in need of help.

Donate to Local Food Banks around Southeast Texas

Food banks in the area are working in overdrive to remain fully stocked.  Organizations worth investigating include: Brazos Valley Food Bank, Central Texas Food Bank, Corpus Christi Food Bank, Food Bank of the Golden Crescent, Food Bank of the Rio Grande, Galveston County Food Bank, Houston Food Bank, San Antonio Food Bank, and Southeast Texas Food Bank.


How to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey


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Donate Blood to the Houston Area

As patients are evacuated to hospitals in North Texas and the storm interferes with scheduled collections, there will be increased need for blood donations. The American Red Cross, the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center or Carter BloodCare for details on how to help.

Donate Shelter to Displaced Texans

It’s projected that more than 30,000 Texans will be displaced by the storm. Airbnb has set up a service (and is waiving its fees) to match people affected by Harvey who need a place to stay with anyone who has accommodations they can donate.

If you happen to have one or know someone who does, you will be providing an invaluable service.


We’ll continue to update this list, so keep checking back — or leave any favorite orgs we might have missed in comments. And thank you so much for helping in any way you can.

Photos: Texas Military Department via cc license