Over the years, I’ve carried many bags, and collected a whole lot of things in them. Helicopter toy? Check! Hand sanitizer? Always. 40 broken crayons? Got ’em. Ah, parenting.

But, save the rare date nights when I’m carrying a small clutch, there are always items in my bag that I never leave home without.That’s why I’m so thrilled to welcome our newest sponsor OLIKA, maker of Birdie, the cutest two-in-one hand sanitizer that’s perfect for anyone’s handbag. Do you see it peeking out of mine? In that adorable little Birdie is actually sanitizing liquid made from natural ingredients, and textured dry wipes (just spray the liquid and boom, a towelette!).

Especially with cold and flu season here, and well, four kids, Birdie is a staple in my handbag, along with these 15 other items. Granted, the number would have been 40,310 but I didn’t include crumbs and granola bar wrappers. Lucky you!

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What's in your bag? | Sponsor

Hair ties. I actually got a bag for them because I was collecting so many. And, if your girls are like mine, they’re always asking for one. I love the plastic ones that don’t give you ponytail head.

Nail clippers. I can’t even tell you how much I use them. And no, not for public nail clipping.

Dental floss. It’s not just for cleaning teeth. Hey, you never know when you’re going to need to cut some cheddar cheese. Ha.

Lip balm. I carefully tuck my lip balm away in a special pocket because I hate finding myself without it. Pro tip: Buy a couple because your kids will inevitably steal them. But you knew that.

What's in your bag: Make-up Forever lipstick

And lipstick. But here’s my pro tip: I keep a brighter color in my bag because if I decide to forgo make-up or coffee and I want to look alive, a bright lip makes me look pulled together, quickly.

JournalI’m a list writer, but it also doubles for kid-boredom.

Crayons. Speaking of kid-boredom.

Battery chargerFor when the journal and crayons don’t work and your phone somehow has 8% battery life. From all that work you’re doing on it. Ahem.

The Olika Birdie hand sanitizer | Sponsor

Birdie by OLIKA. I love that this two-in-one hand sanitizer and wipes Birdie from our sponsor OLIKA has a controlled spout, so my kids aren’t bathing in sanitizer (and it’s not coating the inside of my bag – BTDT). Plus, essential oils = smells soooo good. And the dry wipes (which you can spray) are super handy. But you know that, parents. Just open up the bottom and out they pop!

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Ear buds. So I can catch up on my podcasts while I’m out and about. Or need to block out my kids listening to Gummi Bear on a loop.

Bandages. They have this magical power of making even very mildly hurt children very happy. And, less sugar than a lollipop.

Lollipop. If the bandages don’t work.

Medicine Bag. If the bandages and lollipop don’t work. Kidding! I always have tummy meds, allergy pills, and motion sickness meds with me at all times.

What's in your bag? Schmidt's deodorant

DeodorantIn case I forget to put it on which, I cannot tell a lie, is almost every day.

RXBar. My favorite energy boost that’s got no added sugar. If you’re used to super sweet bars, these will take getting used to, just warning you.

Extra pair of underwear. Kids’, that is. Because, well, you know why.

The Olika Birdie | Sponsor

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