I have used an embarrassing number of travel mugs in my life, and none have come close to the YETI Rambler that I received as a gift from a friend a few months ago. It’s going to be my new go-to gift for everyone because I can’t stop talking about it. Which brings me here!

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What I love most about this travel mug (besides the ability to wash it in the dishwasher) is that the double vacuum wall keeps your beverages piping hot (or super cold) for a really long time. As we parents know, that says a lot when you’re used to drinking lukewarm coffee — or iced tea that didn’t start out as iced tea.

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My only bone to pick: I could only find photos of the YETI Rambler being used by men. Seriously, what?

Which okay, it’s a big, hefty cup — so keep that in mind, my tiny handed friends. But c’mon, we ladies like big things too.

Big cups of coffee and tea, I mean. Cough.

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