I’m not one to go all out and decorate my entire house for Halloween, but I do love turning my front door into a showpiece and DIY Halloween door decorations are a simple way to let all those trick-or-treaters know that yep, you’re home — and yep, you’re the house with the good candy.

From mummies to zombies, bats to spiders, I’ve tracked down 8 spooky-fun DIY Halloween door decorations to inspire you beyond a jack-o-lantern on the doorstep.

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A Mummy door

DIY Halloween door decorating ideas | Mummy door by East Coast Creative Blog

As an amatuer DIYer, I love this fun Mummy Halloween door decoration idea from East Coast Creative Blog. White fabric strips and black cardboard and it’s a wrap! You should see her other ideas for her front porch too — this is one family that goes all out for Halloween, and without spending a fortune.

A Joker door from Batman: The Dark Knight

DIY Halloween door decorating ideas  | The Joker Batman: The Dark Knight from Black and White Obsession

Black and White Obsession has some really cool movie-themed DIY Halloween door decoration ideas that you can make with a tablecloth and paint, if you follow her directions. A favorite for me is this awesome Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight, but check out the other cool, creative Halloween door ideas from V for Vendetta, to Black Swan, to…well, Saw. If you want to go there.

A door full of vampire bats

DIY Halloween door decorating ideas  | free printable template for Vampire bats from Between Naps on the Porch

It’s so fun to cover your door and front porch with a colony of bats, and it’s not a ton of work either. All you need is the free template from Between Naps on the Porch and some stiffened felt. Painted your door red: entirely optional.

A Zombie door

DIY Halloween door decorating ideas  | Zombie door instructions at Jays Cup

I love the idea of this zombie apocalypse entrance from Jay’s Cup! So clever. Follow the directions for this fun Halloween door, which requires little more than some cardboard and spray paint, and a bit of patience.

A Jack Skellington door

DIY Halloween door decorating ideas  | Jack Skellington from Twin Dragonfly Designs

Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas will love this simple but spooky DIY Halloween door decorating idea from Twin Dragonfly Designs. She even provides a free template to download to create the Pumpkin King on your door to make it that much easier.

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An Oogie Boogie Man door

DIY Halloween door decorating ideas  | Oogie Boogie Man by Practically Functional

Another Nightmare Before Christmas idea I love: this creepy Oogie Boogie Man silhouette from Practically Functional You’ll need some good drawing and cutting skills, but very few supplies making this a fun DIY Halloween door decorating idea that yields a wonderful result.

Frankenstein’s Monster door

DIY Halloween door decorating ideas  | Frankenstein's Monster by Green and Gorgeous

Yes, I know that everyone will call it a Frankenstein door, but if you’re going to be accurate, it’s actually Frankenstein’s monster, created perfectly by Green & Gorgeous. She brings him alive (ha, get it?) with a black vinyl tablecloth, tape, and two paper plates — check the directions and see how easy it is! Note that she happens to have a green door, I bet you could easily use a dark green tablecloth as a base.

Creepy spider web door

DIY Halloween door decorating ideas  | Spider Web from Jane Can

It’s easy to buy some of that web-in-a-can spray to decorate your door, but I appreciate the creativity of this Halloween door decorating idea from Jane Can which look so artful. Plus, the kids would probably love to help this one — I bet they’ll know just where the spiders should go.