When Target released new clothing styles made just for kids with sensory issues, we all burst out with a collective “woo-hoo,” because this is so meaningful to so many kids and parents. And we’re “woo-hoo”ing again now, because today is the day that, as promised, Target is out with their Cat & Jack line of adaptive clothing for kids with special needs.

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Target's brand new adaptive clothing line for kids with special needs includes essential features that make life easier and build independence | mompicksprod.wpengine.com

The new line includes 40 items all specially designed for toddlers and kids who benefit from features like extra-soft cotton fabrics, flat seams, no tags, high-rise fleece pants in larger sizes to hide diapers, and hidden openings for abdominal access.

There are cute jackets with zip-off sleeves, footless pajamas with snap-tops, soft tees and tops with on-trend graphics, diaper-accessible leggings.

There are even wheelchair-friendly open-in-the-back jackets, which will make getting dressed so much easier for kids who can use more “easy” in their lives.

Just note that many of the items are available online only, but it may be possible to have it shipped free to your nearest store. It also looks like the line will be extending — for example, there are a few styles and patterns featured in the thumbnail on the website, but we can’t seem to find that actual item just yet. Hopefully they’ll be coming soon.

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Target's new adaptive clothing for kids with special needs: Diaper-friendly body suits

While the styles are pretty darn cute, as you can see, what’s most beautiful is that offering a line of affordable clothes like these can help give even more kids with special needs build confidence and independence. That’s priceless.

Order Target’s Cat & Jack line of adaptive clothing for kids with special needs starting today! They run in toddler and kid sizes, all at great prices — most items are $15 or less, topping out at $39.99 for puffer jackets.