We love giving Valentine’s Day gifts to our babies at every age, of course, but that first year of Valentine’s gifts is something we can’t resist. No, the baby won’t remember it, but oh, those photos!

(Plus, babies are not yet old enough to ask to steal our Valentine’s chocolates. Bonus!)

Check out 10 of sweet Valentine’s Day gifts for babies I’ve found. I heart them all, and I hope you will too!

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Valentine's Day gifts for babies: Organic Night Night Sleepers by Hanna Andersson

Be My Valentine Sleeper ($40, Hanna Andersson)

This sweet sleeper is made with the softest organic cotton, so it’s already a great buy. But it’s also available as heart print pajamas for the entire family. Because if there’s ever a time to get match-matchy, Valentine’s Day is it.

Valentine's Day gifts for babies: Crochet Heart Rattle at The Tot

Anne-Claire Petit Crochet Heart Rattle ($27, The Tot)

The sweet simplicity of this handmade, easy-to-grasp, organic cotton rattle makes it one of those treasures you stash in the baby keepsake box forever.

Valentine's Day gifts for babies: LUV FP Moccasins by Freshly Picked

LUV FP Freshly Picked Conversation Heart Baby Moccasins ($60, Freshly Picked)

Freshly Picked updated the Valentine’s Day baby mocs we loved so much last year with conversation hearts! So cute, all the babies at the playground will be babbling about them.

Freshly Picked Heart Lollipop Mocs: Cute first valentine's day gifts for babies | Cool Mom Picks

They’ve also got pairs featuring designs like heart lollipops on sticks, for another sweet treat for the feet. (Heh.)

Valentine's Day gifts for babies: Hammer Pants by Oeuf NYC

Baby Heart Hammer Pants ($50.40, Oeuf)

If there’s one thing cuter than Hammer (as in M.C.) pants for babies, it’s heart-hammered Hammer pants made with organic alpaca wool to keep your baby cute, snuggly, and luxuriously warm. That’s just a fact.

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Valentine's Day gifts for babies: Heart Tattoo Hat by Hunky Dori Boutique

Valentine’s Day Tattoo Baby Beanie ($26, Hunky Dori Boutique)

These crocheted hats have made it onto our Valentine’s Day gifts for babies list almost every year, and this year is no exception. There’s nothing like a baby with some edge — and you can get one that says “Dad,” too.

Valentine's Day gifts for babies: Te Amo Art Print by Trendy Peas

Te Amo Art Print ($19.99+, Trendy Peas)

This print is just the perfect addition to any nursery, any day of the year, really. But as a Valentine’s Day gift for babies it’s pretty darn awesome.

Valentine's Day gifts for babies: Little Paper Houses Mobile by Love Lou Home

Paper House Mobile ($45.67, Love Lou Home)

This charming handcrafted mobile may not look very Valentine’s-y at first glance. But hidden in the ceilings of all those cute paper houses are hearts that can only be seen from below — i.e., from your baby’s vantage point in the crib. Sweet!

Valentine's Day gifts for babies: Personalized Organic Baby Heart Teether by Bannor Toys

Personalized Organic Wood Heart Teether ($14.99+, Bannor Toys)

Fear not, this wood teether is satin-smooth, naturally antibacterial, non-splintering, and organic. In other words: Perfect chewing material, and a perfect personalized Valentine’s Day gift for babies.

Valentine's Day gifts for babies: Valentine Body Suit Set from Target

Valentine Baby Bodysuit Set ($24, Target)

Because a baby can never have too many onesies — especially when they’re inspired by Beatles lyrics. Plus I love that these look on point long after February 14th.


Valentine's Day gifts for babies: Hand Knit Heart Baby Blanket by Hayden Ella Handcraft

Hand Knit Heart Baby Blanket ($112.10, Hayden Ella Handcraft)

Yes, it’s spendy, but unlike teethers and onesies, babies use their baby blankets well past baby stage. (Seriously — just ask my 10-year-old.) If you’ve got a Valentine’s Day new arrival coming, this is such an amazing baby gift, hand-knit in a soft wool blend in lots of color combos. I highly suspect it’s the kind of blanket that will go to college when your baby does too. (Sniff.)