Ever since Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris (RIP Talvin) broke the internet with their giant inflatable swan, there’s been a big demand for summer-ready inflatables: unicorn floats, inflatable pools, even party-size floats for all your friends. And there’s a new trend coming to a yard near you: giant inflatable sprinklers, perfect for a summer party in the backyard or just an afternoon requiring a little cooling off.

We’re talking larger-than-life, blow-up sprinklers in cool shapes from rainbows to unicorns to…cactii? I’d say don’t think too hard about it; just enjoy the cool refreshing mist.

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Giant inflatable sprinklers: Rainbow giant inflatable sprinkler | Pottery Barn Kids

This rainbow giant inflatable sprinkler at Pottery Barn Kids just makes me so happy, from the puffy clouds to to the scientifically-correct colors. And I think the arc of “rain” would be a better run-through option than some of the others that just spray from one spot, especially for kids looking to get creative with party games.

Huge inflatable unicorn sprinkler

This is the one you’ve been waiting for: the unicorn giant inflatable sprinkler that sprays water from its magical unicorn horn! Unicorns don’t show any signs of going out of style any time soon, so I’d say this one will be hot this summer. Grab it now while you can at Target.

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Giant inflatable sprinklers: Cactus giant inflatable sprinkler | Pottery Barn Kids

I’m really feeling the irony of this cactus giant inflatable sprinkler from Pottery Barn Kids. Aside from really delighting your overheated kids, I think it will make the perfect prop for an adult pool party. Just put a lid on that sangria in your hand before you run under it.

Update: Based on some reader feedback, it sounds like there are problems with this cactus inflatable staying upright. Check before you buy or consider one of the alternatives. 

Giant inflatable sprinklers: Giant inflatable sprinklers: Dinosaur giant inflatable sprinkler | Amazon

The sheer size of this giant inflatable dinosaur sprinkler I found at Amazon is wowing me so much right now. It’s over six feet tall! If you’re having a Jurassic Park themed birthday, or just have a kid who’s really, really into Mesozoic Era creatures, this giant inflatable sprinkler will be where it’s at. And so will your yard — prepare for an influx of neighborhood kids!