This is a terrific time to find some cool backyard water toys for the kids, because they’re all on sale, and let’s be honest, we’re all feeling the heat this summer. Back in 2020 we first shared our favorite backyard water toys when we were all stuck at home dealing with pool closures and summer camp cancellations. Now, it’s turned into a summer ritual that our kids all look forward to.

So we’ve put together 10 super cool backyard water toys, from sprinklers to toddler splash pads, with themes from Barbie to sharks to spaceships.

PS got a kid with a summer birthday? Any of these could definitely be an extra-special gift this year.


10 backyard water toys we love:
Sprinklers, kiddie pools, splash pads and a few surprises

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10 coolest backyard water toys, pools and spinklers: FunBoy's inflatable kiddie pools are incredible!

Barbie Kiddie Pool by Funboy is perfect for water play during a hot summer -- and not just for kids!

Malibu Barbie Dream Inflatable Kiddie Pool and Tropical Palm Inflatable Kiddie Pool

First of all, can we even start an article on backyard water toys without the requisite inflatable kiddie pool? If you’re still into Barbie like our kids, Funboy has an entire collection of Barbie floats, rafts, and pool toys that are as amazing as all of their other water toys that we’ve recommended for years. The Malibu Barbie Dream Kiddie Pool, above, is clearly not just for kids and is a perfect addition to any backyard. But there are 4 other fantastic patterns, including the Tropical Palm Inflatable Kiddie Pool if you’ve had Kenough of Barbie merch for now.

Barbie Movie x Funboy Speed Boat Pool Raft for summer.

Barbie Movie Speed Boat Pool Float from Funboy

We’re also loving the Barbie Movie Speed Boat Pool Float from Funboy and while ideally you’d have a pool to put it in, we could see the kids out back just playing make-believe on the lawn, as you pop a sprinkler or water hose over top to keep things cool. Of course the adults will need a turn. Or…maybe it’s the kids who will need a turn.

Also see: Our favorite outrageous floats and rafts from Funboy

Shark-themed inflatable backyard waterslide turns your yard into a water park

Inflatable Backyard Shark-Themed Water Slide

Going for the most outrageous backyard on the whole block? This Inflatable Shark Water Slide for Kids will save you a whole lot of money on trips to the water park. It even comes with the 750W air blower because there is no way parents are blowing that thing up the old fashioned way! It also comes in spaceship and dinosaur designs —¬† and check out the cool crocodile that’s a little more pool, a little less slide. (Ignore the weird photoshopped image btw; customers leave great reviews.)

Cool backyard water toys for kids: Da dum. Da dum. Da dum. This inflatable shark sprinkler is THE toy for summer.

Inflatable Shark Sprinkler

Landshark! If you’re looking for a sprinkler upgrade to keep your kids cool, this inflatable shark arch sprinkler counts as anything but an ordinary backyard water toy. Kids can run through it, ride bikes through it, put it over the top of their slide and whoosh through it. If anything will lure them outside to play, this is it. (Compare prices between Amazon and PBK)

Cool backyard water toys for kids: Cool off with a game of water baseball. How fun is that?

Waterslide Baseball Diamond.

My neighborhood seems to be dominated by kids who want to play sports, rather than just run around in the water outside. So I found a compromise in this water-slide baseball diamond. How fun is that? It’s a pretty decent size, at 14′ square, but may still be better for younger elementary age kids or preschoolers than, say, middle schoolers. But hey — I wouldn’t be surprised if an intrepid tween could figure out how to DIY their own version that’s even bigger.

Fun backyard water toys for kids: A complete water park in your backyard, no crafty skills needed.

Backyard Water Park Splash Toy

Whoa, this build-your-own backyard water park would have been my dream backyard water toy when I was a kid. We’ve seen DIY concepts for these on Pinterest but, as crafty as I may be, they seemed way too complicated to replicate. So I love that you can now buy a kit to recreate it in your backyard. It has six different stations, so your kids aren’t likely to get bored too quickly. ¬†Plus, you could set it up in the grass for them to run through or on your driveway for them to ride bikes through. It’s on the pricier side, but I think it would get a lot of use.

backyard utdoor water toys for kids: Funboy's gigantic rocket shop sprinkler donates to COVID relief with every purchase.

Giant Backyard Rocket Sprinkler

Yes, another winning backyard water toy from Funboy– a gigantic (7.5 feet tall!) rocket ship sprinkler. I mean, it’s so huge, that parents have no excuse not to join in on the fun. They also have a giant, colorful, Willy Wonka-esque inflatable mushroom sprinkler that looks like good fun fun, but it…well, from a certain angle…we’ll leave it there.

Fun backyard water toys for kids: The Wet & Wild Light Show sprinkler packs a lot of fun into a small package.

Wet & Wild Light Show Backyard Sprinkler

My youngest daughter received this Wet & Wild Light Show sprinkler for her birthday a few years back and it’s been a huge hit. Here’s what I love about it: it’s small so it stores easily. It is simple for a quick backyard activity — just hook it up and you’re ready to go. But it still has elements of fun that our practical lawn sprinkler doesn’t have, like a rotating spout in the center, wild wiggly arms that squirt water in unpredictable directions, and a light-up feature for evening play.


Fun backyard water toys for kids: This alphabet splash mat is a fun way to learn your letters and cool off outside.

Kids Backyard Splash Mat

If you’re looking for a backyard water toy for a young child that doesn’t hold as much water as a pool, this kids splash mat is a good option. There are lots of splash pads on Amazon at great prices–search for toddlers kids 4-8, or even pet-friendly options. I like this one because, it’s great for those little kids who want you to play with¬†them, but you’re not planning to get wet at that particular moment. Instead, you can say: “Jump on the K! Find the elephant!” and other commands that make their play more engaging…without getting you soaked.

Fun backyard water toys for kids: Kids can play in and out of the water with these Mega Morphibian remote control cars.

Mega Morphibian Remote Control Splash Cars

These Mega Morphibian remote control cars by Kid Galaxy are a clever backyard water toy to keep older kids entertained and cooled off for hours. It’s great if you have access to natural waterways near your home, or simply set up a water-based obstacle course in your own backyard. Parents, be sure to add a good book to read while they play–and your phone, of course, for taking great pictures.


Joyberri Trampoline with sprinkler attachment and nighttime lights, now on sale

Light-up Trampoline with Sprinkler

Want to go big? If you’ve always wanted a trampoline, turn it into a waterpark with this Light-up Trampoline with Sprinkler attachment. It’s super-high rated, and customers say it’s easy to assemble, has great safety features, and is a fantastic value for the money.¬†It comes in 5 different sizes and 4 colors — right now the 14-footer is on sale, with a $75 instant coupon on Amazon. Water will spill over the edges you as you bounce, making it way more fun than regular bouncing and a lot more refreshing.

Should you already have a trampoline (lucky you) check out this trampoline sprinkler accessory that fits any size trampoline, has an on-off valve, can be used apart from the trampoline, and has great customer ratings at Amazon. Just keep an eye on your kids while they bounce, you know?

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