How many times have you heard this: Sleep when the baby sleeps. Oh man, did I want to throttle everyone who gave me that TOTALLY SMART BUT UNATTAINABLE ADVICE when my kids were newborns. Mostly because I was tired. But also because there’s just so much to do when you’re a new parent while the baby is sleeping!

Much of it involving Netflix. Ahem.

So on behalf of our new sponsor, the brand new, easy-to-use and very secure Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor, we’re sharing 40 things parents can actually do while the baby sleeps.

None of which includes checking in on the baby fourteen times; that’s what 1500 feet (wow) of secure, interference-free range from the Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor buys you.

So worth it.

So so so so worth it.

40 things parents can do while the baby sleeps

The baby is sleeping, yay! Here are 40 things you can really do while the baby is sleeping | Cool Mom PicksYes, you can celebrate. NO, you cannot throw a party.

1. Take a shower and wash your hair. With shampoo and everything. You deserve it.

2. Order a new pair of shoes on sale, or a fun new lipstick color. Both will help you feel fantastic. (If you’re a dad, you can also order a pair of shoes or a fun new lipstick color, by the way.)

3. Wipe down the baby toys. They’re gross.

4. Catch up on The Crown, if only in 20 minute increments.

5. Catch up on baby gift thank you notes, if only in 20 minute increments. And yes, e-cards count.

6. Back up those 8 zillion baby photos to a cloud service, then delete all but your favorites from your phone.

7. Listen to a podcast. (We’re partial to Spawned, of course.)

8. Write an email or text to a friend you only ever say hi to on social media.

9. If you’ve got another adult in the house, go for a walk around the block. Just one block is good.

10. Do a crossword or sudoku puzzle.

11. Stretch. You can never stretch too much.

12. Plan a date night, or if you’re single, a friends-night-out. Bet you need it.

13. Make yourself a snack that’s not out of a box.

14. Make yourself a snack that’s right out of a box.

15. When you’re absolutely 100% sure the baby is sleeping soundly (that’s what the Panasonic Long-Range Monitor is for, hint), sneak in quietly and take 400 Instagram photos to post.

16. Come up with new ways to humblebrag on Instagram about your sleeping baby.

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The monitor even includes lullaby music (should your voice need a break), five different white noise sounds, and customizable sensors that can alert you to changes in motion, sound, or room temperature.

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17. Work on your baby book. If you haven’t even started, just accept you never will and let it go. (Or maybe try a baby book app instead?)

18. Call one no-kid friend to say hi, and commit to talking about anything besides babies.

19.  Try a 7-minute workout, 5-minute yoga routine, or 10 minutes of meditation.

20. Open a 529 fund for college savings, if you haven’t yet.

21. Unsubscribe to all those catalogs that you never actually look at.

22. Create a new Pinterest board.

23. Make a list of all the potential childcare providers you have and can trust, including friends, relatives and pros. If you have a short list, check a sitter service so you know you have some backup when you need it.

24. Clean up your email with our inbox zero trick, or a service like Unroll.Me.

25. Set up a recurring monthly donation to a charity that supports babies and families; if only $5 a month.

26. Make a really good cup of coffee. Don’t skimp on the beans.

27. Track down all those gift cards and store them in one place. (The Gyft app helps do it digitally.)

28. If it’s been a little while since you gave birth, start donating those maternity clothes (if you haven’t yet burned them).

29. Grab a high-end, fancy oil and give yourself a foot rub. Better: Get someone else to give you a foot rub.

30. Try a 15-minute desk organization.

31. Start a novel — one that has nothing to do with babies whatsoever.

32.  Plant a windowsill herb garden.

33. Rearrange a bookshelf by color; it’s surprisingly satisfying.

34. Watch funny animal videos.

35. Paint, draw in an adult coloring book, doodle, sew, knit, craft, or just glue googly eyes onto something random.

36. Toss those baby books you know you’ll never use. No guilt. Just toss!

37. Call your mom, your dad, your in-laws, or your grandparents. They will really appreciate hearing your voice.

38.  Play a relatively mindless but visually appealing game like Stack, Alto’s Adventure, or Two Dots.

39. Make your bed really really nicely and spray with a nice linen spray so that when you do actually get to sleep, you’ll enjoy it that much more.

40. Do nothing at all; just enjoy the silence.

Thanks to our sponsor Panasonic for giving parents so much more peace of mind — and maybe even more sleep ourselves, thanks to the new Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor, available now. We need all of that sleep we can get!