My son basically lived in an Ergobaby carrier for the first 6 months of his life, especially during the daytime. While he slept decently at night, he totally refused to go down in his big crib during the day (hence the Ergobaby). So as we start thinking about having a second baby (!), I’m excited to learn about the Mumbelli, a bed that eases a baby’s transition into the womb, designed to snuggle your baby when you can’t.

Because as sweet as babywearing is, parents need the rest too.

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Mumbelli baby bed: Designed to help keep napping infants, napping!

The Mumbelli was designed to mirror the warmth and contact of a real womb (well, you know, minus the actual warmth and placenta and all that). It’s got a super soft lining and what’s really innovative is the foot insert for restless baby feet — the idea is that it provides a sensation of support, helping babies relax, cry less (one can home), and calm themselves enough to get to sleep.

How great is that for babies struggling with naptime in that difficult fourth trimester?

And heck yeah, that cover is washable!

Just note that the Mumbelli isn’t approved for nighttime sleep; it’s made specifically for that infancy stage before the baby is rolling over, and does require supervision. (I’m not so sure I’d just leave it on a couch like in that photo above.)

But it’s totally portable and would make a great option for travel (it comes with a carry bag), or when you need to get a little work done, make a meal, or run a comb through your hair.

Or, you know, whatever you do to generally feel like a human being again while the baby naps.

Get more info about the Mumbelli baby bed on the Mumbelli website.