How hard was it to pick the perfect name for your baby? Ugh. My husband and I discussed (and debated) for months over the merits of different names, and name meaning always came into play. In fact, we even threw out some good contenders just because we didn’t like their meaning.

So when I saw these modern name meaning posters at Name Stories, the word nerd in me kind of geeked out.

From traditional names (hey there, Mary) to less common names (yay! they have Liz’s daughter Sage) to today’s trendy names(looking at you Archer, Asher, August and Atticus), there’s quite a range of options. More than 650, in fact. Including ones I haven’t even heard of — any parents of baby Balian or Ximena out there?

Got you covered.

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Custom name meaning posters from Name Stories: Aaliyah meaning

Custom name meaning posters in a variety of colors

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Each poster tells the meaning of the name, with a short narrative on the history of that name’s etymology.  And they are really interesting! Like, I didn’t know the story of St. Margaret being swallowed by a dragon, or that Henry has been a consistently popular name for over 1,000 years.

If you find your child’s name but it’s spelled differently, you can request the change — like my own Greydon-. And in case your kids’ name is missing, you can request a custom order. Which is something Kristen (mom of Quinlan) and Liz (mom of Thalia) would really like.

What’s particularly sweet is that Name Stories will ask you to share the story of how you chose that name for your child.

You can order your own name meaning poster at Name Stories for just $25, which makes a perfect baby shower gift. 

PS Even though my kids are not babies anymore, I’m thinking of hanging these over their homework stations at home as an empowering reminder of who they are…and who they can be.