We’ve always talked about conscientious consumerism around here — buy fewer things, but love all of them — and wearing fashion from companies we feel amazing about supporting. The newest addition to our closets: CHNGE, a hip new streetwear brand committed to sustainability, transparency, philanthropy, equality, and inclusion

They’re singing my song!

Plus, the brand was founded by a great team including CMP friend, style maven (he’ll laugh at that one), change-maker, and OG dad blogger Pierre Kim, so I’m on board with basically anything he does.

I love the 70s-throwback styling and the simple embroidered CHNGE logo on each organic cotton jersey tee and organic french terry hoodie in their launch collection.

I also love seeing so much authentic diversity amongst their models. (Though a woman sporting one of those XXL tees they sell would be nice — along with mayyybe someone over 35 or so who’s still got some street cred?)

Of course it is street fashion, so while I think it’s all very wearable, it if it’s not your own style, consider it as a super special gift for a socially-conscious teen or tween, making you the coolest parent, aunt, uncle or godparent ever.

CHNGE is changing business models with ethical, organic streetwear that donates 50% of profits to incredible causes

CHNGE is changing business models with ethical, organic streetwear committed to diversity, inclusivity, and 50% of all profits supporting incredible charities | Cool Mom Picks

Yes, the CHNGE tees are spendy; clothes made not in sweatshops generally are. But considering a full 50% of the profits are pledged to outstanding charities (The Malala Fund, Pencils for Promise, Charity:Water, Stand for Trees, Acumen) I’d think of it like getting someone a $25 t-shirt, plus a $25 charitable donation in their name.

Oh, and how’s this for the best ever bullet point in a retailer FAQ page ever?

Return policy for CHNGE ethical streetwear brand: So cool! | Cool mom picks

Their hope is that CHNGE can become a model for more companies’ business practices. As they describe it, if the US Fortune 500 donated half of all their profits, they could provide clean water to every human lacking access, provide a basic education to every child in the world, end extreme global poverty altogether…and still have billions in profit leftover.

We all vote with our wallets every day. And CHNGE pulls no punches when they remind us that without our support, unethical corporations would completely cease to exist.

That’s some stake in the ground.

It’s also worth checking out the CHNGE Instagram account which launched just last month with an outrageously thoughtful campaign shot by photographer Peter DeVito that forces us to think about how we see each other, and talk to each other.  It’s no surprise it went instantly viral.

Sarah Taylor

CHNGE streetwear campaign: Keenan JavonKeenan Javon

CHNGE streetwear campaign featuring kōkîėkōkîė

CHNGE streetwear campaign featuring Mari Milek/DJ StilettoMari Milek / DJ Stiletto


CHNGE is everything I love in a company, really. And there’s so much overlap in their mission with we do what we do here at CMP every day.

It’s all pretty well summed up by this statement on the CHNGE site:

“It’s up to all of us as human beings to support businesses who give a shit. We may not solve all the world’s problems by selling t-shirts, but we hope to provide an outlet to the people who care.”

I’m buying a hoodie right now.

Learn more about CHNGE on their website, and get free shipping. PLUS sign up for the mailing list for $10 off your first order.
And follow CHNGE on Instagram. They’ve already got quite the following!