While we eagerly await the third season of Stranger Things, there are a few things we can do to ease our separation anxiety from the show. We can dress like Dustin. We can bake Christmas lights cupcakes. And now, we can even buy our very own limited-edition Stranger Things bike just like Mike Wheeler rides, thanks to a partnership between Schwinn and Netflix.

It’s even aptly named “Mike’s Bike,” and is complete with the same banana seat, high-rise bars, coaster brake, front light, and other classic features that you addicts will recognize from the show. It also comes with a bunch of Stranger Things Easter eggs, like a Hawkins bike registration sticker on the seat post and a red under-seat Upside Down. Ooh.

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Schwinn is releasing an Easter egg-filled Stranger Things bike on June 4


We know a few kids on our holiday lists who would think this is totally tubular.

But if you want Mike’s Bike, you have to be faster than a demogorgon. Schwinn is only releasing 500 of them for sale on June 4. And you can’t order a bike online, or even walk into a store and pick one up. Instead, you have to go super old-school and call a 1-800 number that won’t be revealed until June 4.

If you’re super anxious, you can get the 1-800 number a full day earlier than everyone else by signing up for the Schwinn newsletter.

Bonus ’80s points if you use a rotary phone.

Sign up for the 1-800 number to call to order a Stranger Things bike ($379) by Schwinn on June 4.