Okay, Stitch Fix fans — if you’re a parent of a kid 2-14, the answer to your bargain clothing prayers is here with today’s launch of Stitch Fix Kids.

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As with the original Stitch Fix service, you can now get a monthly box of 8-12 handpicked name-brand items for the toddlers to tweens in your life, all personalized based on a style profile you fill out, their current sizes, and how much you want to spend.

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Stitch Fix Kids sample subscription box | cool mom picks

I’ve really enjoyed hand-curated subscription boxes for kids like Rockets of Awesome (which I still happen to adore), because kids grow so fast, they tend to be out of tees or jeans or sandals before I know it. But unlike most services, Stitch Fix Kids doesn’t require a subscription or membership.

You do pay a $20 “styling fee” but if you spend $20 or more, that’s credited to your account. You only lose if there’s literally nothing (or maybe just one thing) you want to keep in your box, since average prices are about $10 to $35 per item.

For an idea of prices, leggings are around 10 bucks, graphic tees are around $12, dresses and denim jeans start at $18. So, pretty good.

Stitch Fix Kids: Sample girls box

Now of course whether Stitch Fix Kids is for you depends on what kind of style you — I mean, your kids — have.

If you’re all about Stella McCartney Kids I’d say nuh-uh. But for most of us, who are happy with Hanna Andersson, TOMS, Levi’s and Under Armour, this may be just your speed.

Just browsing the PR imagery a bit, the clothes seem on-trend, like fringed faux-suede handbags and floral-embroidered dresses for girls, and rock-themed tees and flannels for boys. It’s got a bit of edge, but it’s still very accessible. I guess it depends how picky your kids are with their colors and styles.

Stitch Fix Kids: Sample boys outfit

Stitch Fix Kids: Sample girls outfit


I’m also not quite sure how they handle girls like my oldest, who often prefers boys’ slouchy cargo shorts and black sneakers to the sparkly pink stuff in the girls’ department. Can you get “boys’ clothing” for girls? Not sure.

But most people, for the convenience, and for the prices you’ll get, I’d say it’s worth giving it a shot. Especially if you already have a Stitch Fix account of your own, because you can manage your kids’ profiles without creating a new one. Nice.

Fill out a profile at Stitch Fix Kids and be one of the first to grab a hand-curated style box for your own kids.