Leave it to Cards Against Humanity, a company that doesn’t shy away from the issues of the day, to come out with the genius Cards Against Humanity Remember to Vote Worms in time for Halloween. Aaaaand the incredibly important midterm elections.

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PS Do it right now.

The 12-pack of gummy worms comes with 5 “empowering flavors” ranging from Due Process Cherry to Give Me Liberty or Give Me Blueberry.  And then, there’s Our Political System is Backsliding into Autoritanism Mango which sounds…delicious? Terrifying? Apocalyptic? Kind of hard to say.

Cards Against Humanity is selling these genius "remember to vote" worms. Wait til you see the flavor names!

Clearly these are best for the 18+ crowd (though I do know quite a few teens who would appreciate them). So if you’re having an adults-only party, seeing some family members who need a nudge, or you expect some adult neighbors who are accompanying the kids on Halloween, it’s a fantastic purchase. Especially for those neighbors of the “oh, my vote doesn’t really matter” ilk.

(Mrs. Johnson? If you had time to put together that handmade sexy witch costume and track down those press-on nails, you definitely have time to get out and vote on November 6.)

As the team at Cards Against Humanity puts it: “Buy a 12-pack for $8.95 and do your part to save democracy. Please. Oh God.” All the info is at voteworms.com. Which, by the way, doesn’t mean to vote for worms. In fact, this your chance to vote some of them out.

h/t @SwissMiss on twitter