Hanukkah comes early this year — December 2! — so it’s time to start gathering up ideas for cool Hanukkah gifts for kids. While of course every toy, game, accessory or gift can be wrapped up for Hanukkah, I love that we’ve been able to track down so many gifts that really let you proclaim your love for the festival of lights. And latkes. And chocolate gelt.

Always the chocolate gelt.

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Cool Hanukkah gifts for kids: Personalized Hanukkah Storybook from I See Me

Personalized Hanukkah Storybook ($29.99, I See Me)
Love this custom storybook you can customize to look like your child too. It’s all about baking Hanukkah cookies together¬† — and even includes room for your own family cookie recipe.

Cool Hanukkah gifts for kids: Keep shining Menorah shirt from Free to Be Kids

Hanukkah t-shirt ($16.95 and up, Free to Be Kids)
I love this message so much, and the idea that the shamash can give light to other without taking away its own power — well, that’s a perfect metaphor for life.

Hanukkah SugarWish box lets kids create their own gift boxes

Hanukkah SugarWish Gift Card ($28, SugarWish)
1/4 lb of treats of their choice — bring it! Smaller and suuuuper big sizes avail, too.

Child's Menorah Puzzle Toy: Cool hanukkah gifts | handmade by Margaret's Menorahs on Etsy

Handmade Wooden Menorah Puzzle Toy¬†($36, Margaret’s Menorahs)
Love everything about this handmade wooden menorah toy.


Custom Engraved Hebrew Cuff from Sima G: Great Hanukkah gifts for kids

Personalized Hebrew Letter Bangle ($60, Sima G)
We love her work — and you can include up to 20 Hebrew characters.


Texting dreidel set: Cool Hanukkah gifts for kids

Texting Dreidels ($10, Modern Tribe)


My First Jewish Baby Book: A cool Hanukkah gift for babies and little kids

My First Jewish Baby Book ($9.94, Amazon)
From Afikomen to Zayde

Cool Hanukkah gifts for kids: Hanukkah treats paint can from Dylan's

Hanukkah Treats Paint Can¬†($18, Dylan’s Candy Bar)
Dark chocolate pretzels, kisses and gelt, oh my.

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Cool Hanukkah gifts for kids: Menociraptor Menorah from the Vanilla Studio

Menociraptor (The Vanilla Studio)
A purple velociraptor menorah. Like they have one already.

Update: The shop is sadly on an extended break, though there are similar ones from Little Bohemia Farms on Etsy

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Tree of Life Locket ($48, Emily Rosenfeld)
For a tween or teen, this is a beautiful keepsake. She’s got others too, if this one isn’t available.


Ugly Hanukkah Sweater Cookie Decorating Kit
(Updated Shop: similar set available for $38 fromLaura’s Handmade Delights)
Please note that none of the actual sweaters appear anywhere in this guide.

Keep checking back — we’ll be sharing amazing holiday gifts for everyone on your list!