Heads, up baby shower attendees! I’ve found cutest gift idea for new babies in this collection of wonderfully themed Baby Boxy boxes. Since I don’t have the budget for a Snoo (sorry, new parent friends!), I usually like to go with an assortment of small, fun gifts for expectant parents. But Baby Boxy basically does the work for you.

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Beautifully curated baby gift boxes around themes like sports, unicorns, sloths, and more at Baby Boxy

I adore the themes that they offer from sushi to sloths, foxes to rainbows, which are all way more curated than my usual “these items were near each other at Target” aesthetic. You’ll find toys, board books, comfy pjs, teethers, rattles, paci clips — you know, basic baby fare only cuter. And naturally, I love that the items from the kinds of small businesses and makers we support on these pages every day.

Oh — and of course there are two kinds of unicorn themed baby boxes. Because, unicorns.

It’s also great to see lots of gender-neutral baby box ideas for those “we’re waiting to find out,” “gender is just a construct,” and “girls like football too, you know” parents-to-be out there. Of which there are more and more on my list, these days.

Check out the well curated selection of Baby Boxy gift boxes for babies at their website.