We all know that knitting is a fantastic way to soothe anxiety, but this Wool and the Gang New Wave yarn delivers even more peace of mind, because it’s helping rid the oceans of discarded plastic — each ball of yarn is upcycled from three entire plastic bottles. So cool, right?

It’s not just plastic of course; New Wave yarn is blended with cotton so that it knits up beautifully,  just like regular yarn.

You can buy them individually or as part of crafting kits that range from beginner-friendly to advanced. I’m personally coveting the cool and slouchy I Got You bag kit and this awesomely chunky Cast Away sweater kit.

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Wool and the Gang New Wave collection is yarn upcycled from plastic bottles and blended with cotton fibers

Knitters can now make gorgeous sweaters and scarves from Wool and the Gang's upcycled yarn made in part from plastic bottles -- but it feels soft as cotton

I’m thinking these kits could help tweens, teens, and parents stay occupied while waiting out this round of the polar vortex, plus have something cozy and cute to show once it’s over.

And just think, somewhere a fish is thanking you.

Check out all the different yarn colors and kits available at the Wool and the Gang New Wave collection