First, I have to get this out of the way: POP Shoes are not for families who get sticker shock at the price of high-end kids wear. But if you are down with designer stuff here and there, splurge on birthday or holiday gifts, need some crazy cool shoes for a Bar Mitzvah boy or or Bat Mitzvah girl’s grand entrance, or maybe you’re a grandparent or aunt/uncle or godparent who spoils a kid in your life rotten, you’ll want to check out these seriously awesome sneakers for kids.

I was sent a pair of POP shoes for my kid to try, and now I know why these are basically the hottest kids’ shoes for the celebrity set right now.

EDITED TO ADD 11/19: After wearing them for multiple months, I must rescind my whole-hearted recommendations. My daughter doesn’t find shoes to be comfortable over the long term — or even after long days — and we’ve had issues with the zipper pull. At this price, the construction should be a lot better, with more comfort and support for kids. 

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POP light-up sneakers for kids in high-top and low-top styles. The LED lights recharge via USB

The Basics

The shoes themselves more than some techy gimmick — these vegan sneakers are remarkably well-constructed, with excellent arch support, a sturdy rubber sole, and high-quality canvas uppers.

What makes them special to kids though, duh, is that semi-circle of rechargeable LED lights that glow through the soles and turn on with a push of a button on the tongue.

And the styles. SO many styles. While I do love the solid kicks, I’m kind of gaga for the glitter sneaks, the metallics, and the Matthew Langille rainbow stripe collab — which are the only non-vegan option.

And yes, you can turn the lights off (mercifully), keep them on, or have them flash at two different speeds. If they’re dimming, just recharge them with the micro USB cable through a port in the heel.

POP light-up sneakers for kids in tons of fun styles

POP light-up sneakers for kids in metallic silver and gold, vegan uppers

POP light-up sneakers for kids come in lots of fun patterns and colors. The lights are hidden beneath the rubber soles

POP light-up sneakers for kids in a funky rainbow stripe upper

POP light-up sneakers for kids come in fun silver and gold glitter, too. You can turn the lights off, on, or have them blink.

About the sizing

Please note that the knit canvas low-top POP sneakers seems to run true to size, and offers a little stretch. My daughter called them “the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned,” and that’s saying something, for a kid who already favors sneakers and Doc Martens over anything fancy.

[EDITED TO ADD: Please see note above: They are comfortable in shorts spurts but not for all-day wear.]

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That said, the Fairmont high-top POP sneakers in the same size are snug, presumably because the upper is not knit. I’d imagine the same goes for the awesome glitter St Laurent sneakers, and the fun faux metallic croc sneakers so consider ordering a size up.

(I can’t speak to the neon neoprene styles which look comfy, but honestly, feel like a disconnect to me between the casual beach style and those light-up soles. Maybe it’s just me.)

And because the brand doesn’t offer half-sizes, I’d also order up if your kid is between.

Besides, for this price, you’ll want your kids to wear them a looooong time. Good choice for tweens and teens who aren’t going to be in a totally new size by next season.

Find the light-up, USB charging POP Shoes for kids on Thanks to the company for sending CMP a pair for review consideration. 

Sorry, they don’t come in adult sizes. Unless you can fit into a kids’ 4.