This week’s Jacky Lamenzo is a health coach with a focus on picky eating, to help make mealtime less stressful. We like that while we’ve gotten some great picky eater tips in the past, Jacky has a more kid-centered approach, focusing on how kids feel, and why some of the “tricks” we try as parents actually makes things more difficult.

Her goal is to help kids have a positive relationship with food over time and hopefully her perspective here will be helpful for lots of you.

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You can find Jacky’s picture book about picky eating, Addy Wants to Fit In, from our affiliate Amazon or on her website.


 A few topics we discuss on the show:

-Whether kids will outgrow picky eating on their own, and how much parents need to push

-How parents can inadvertently turn “rewards” into pressure that actually creates more problems.

-Using communication as its own technique at mealtime

-Jacky’s take on some parent-sourced advice about picky eating in our Recipe Rescue Facebook community

-How to meet everyone’s dinnertime needs without becoming a short-order cook

-The brilliance of food bars like pasta bars, salad bars or burrito bars for feeding multiple kids with different tastes

-Jacky’s single piece of advice for parents with picky eaters. (It’s good!)


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Our Cool Picks of the Week

Imagined Life podcast: A cool pick of the week on the #SpawnedShow podcast

Jacky: The Imagined Life podcast by Wondery describes challenges faced by famous people before they were famous — only you don’t know who they are until the end.

Our cool pick of the week: Matzoh chips from the Matzoh Project

Liz:  Matzoh Chips by the Matzoh Project — so good! (And we didn’t know that the company is run by Ashley Albert!)

The new Vans horse sneakers created with Molo are so amazing for horse-loving kids!

Kristen: The cute new horse Vans for kids created in collab with Molo — her daughter looooves them.

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