Mothers are changing the world! Not just for other mothers — but for everyone.

We think you’ll be just fascinated by the wisdom of today’s guest, Sara Berliner, whose organization Vote Like a Mother literally started with a sign.

We instantly fell in love with Sara’s mission last year, Then we met IRL and fell in love with her as a person.Today, Liz and Sara are having a smart, enlightening, helpful conversation on the changing role of moms in politics, how politics is helping to change motherhood, and how we can all try to see the world through a more empathetic, caring, nurturing and inclusive lens.

Vote Like a Mother's Sara Berliner | Spawned podcast from Cool Mom Picks

Whether you’re a political junkie or someone who is just thinking about how and where to get involved for the first time, we think you’ll get so much out of this episode.

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 A few topics we discuss on the show:


-How amazing it is that Tammy Duckworth was the first female Senator to give birth while holding office

-The issues moms care about that help the country to be a better place overall.

-The wonderful role millennial moms are playings, and how they do things differently than past generations of mothers.

The unanimous Senate vote to allow new parents to allow infants onto the Senate floor happened exactly one year ago this week!

Millennials aren’t voting more than Boomers, but they are voting more than ever

-Mom-run orgs making meaningful change include Vote Mama, She Should Run, Moms Demand Action, and Moms Rising (We covered the Moms Rising launch in 2006!) and you can find more on the Vote Like a Mother “Get Involved” page


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