If you haven’t gotten word yet, we have a seriously important election coming up in November. We’ve asked you to check your registration, double and triple-check your registration, join Michelle Obama and Lin-Manuel Miranda to help new voters to register, and now we’re asking you to check out the fantastic Vote Like a Mother.

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Vote Like a Mother tees for kids and adults - 100% of profits support mom-centered political non-profits

The truth is, parenthood is, inherently, political — from the family planning we need, to the healthcare we require for ourselves and our kids, to the public education and services our kids are entitled to, the values we pass onto our kids, and the kindness and empathy we want to surround them in their everyday lives — a trait that trickles down (or, doesn’t) from the very top.

This mom-run (natch) company sells ethically-made, well-designed t-shirts and gear, with 100% of the money supporting impactful nonprofits that center moms in their work, like Emily’s List, Moms Demand, and Moms Rising, which I covered here wayyyy back in 2006 when they first launched.

They’ve even got some fun celebrity cred if you check their Insta.

Vote Like a Mother tee worn by Julianne Moore : 100% of profits support mom-centered political orgsPhoto: @JulianneMoore via @VoteLikeaMother on Instagram

The site also makes it easy to find ways to get Involved in the political issues you care about, whether you just want to contact your representative, or want to fundraise — or even run for office yourself.  Because staying involved isn’t just about one day in November each year, but engagement at the local level in every community.

We need more moms’ voices, yo!

As founder Sara Berliner wrote, she started the company “to promote voting with empathy, kindness, and ferocity. To amplify women’s voices and efforts. And to provide parents with opportunities to contribute, recognizing that we all have something to give.”

I adore that in every way.

You know what’s really cool, by the way? They have men’s t-shirts too. Because now that we’ve all learned it’s awesome to run like a girl, why shouldn’t men want to vote like a mother?

Visit Vote Like a Mother, buy a cool tee to support some great causes, and don’t forget to vote!