I always have responded to my kids’ bruises and scraped needs with, “good! That shows that you’re being a kid!” And it’s true. They’ve become proud of their playground battle scars — but that doesn’t necessarily make the initial pain go away faster. Ice packs help do that.

So I’m totally loving a new discovery: The hands-free ice packs for kids from GooseEgged.

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We found the cutest new ice packs for kids from Goose Egged. A Velcro strap holds them in place, wherever the booboo might be

Developed by a couple of parents from Long Island, they feature kid-designed characters like a puppy (for boys or girls), a unicorn (for boys or girls) and a shark (for boys or girls). What makes them different from other packs I’ve seen though, is that they’re backed with soft, comfy minky, while an adjustable Velcro strap holds it in place against little foreheads, knees or forearms — so much so, you can still walk around with one on your head. I know, I tried.

Speaking of which, the GooseEgged ice packsĀ fit on bigger foreheads too. Or uh…bigger thighs. Just sayin’.

GooseEgged makes cute unicorn, shark, and doggie ice packs for kids that hold on with Velcro
I don’t have a boo-boo. I just like walking around with this on my leg.

Considering ice packs have that magical ability to cure anything from a bump to a bug bite to a totally imagined result of some “she pushed me!” sibling drama, I imagine these will help adult headaches go away, too.

Find theĀ hands-free ice packs for kids from GooseEggedĀ fromĀ our affiliate Amazon with free Prime shipping. You can learn more at GooseEgged.comĀ Thanks to the company for sending them over for editorial consideration — they’re really fun!