I was so charmed to learn about the Thermal Aid Teddy Bear that delivers comforting heat — or cold — in the form of a cute stuffed animal.

If your kid has muscle aches from a growth spurt during those “wonder weeks,” or from a particularly tough game of soccer, you can heat the bear in the microwave for some soothing gentle heat. Or stash it in the fridge to use it instead of a gel pack; since he started preschool, my son has logged several nasty viruses and I know he would have loved a snuggle from a fresh-from-the-fridge teddy bear when he was fighting off a high fever.

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The Thermal-Aid Bear is like a boo-boo pack you can heat up or keep in the fridge for cuddly pain relief for your children

And yes parents, it’s washable, so you don’t have to worry about your Thermal Aid Teddy spreading germs, should you want to use them for multiple kids.

If you visit the site, just ignore the cheesy “As Seen On TV” style soft-focus video because, off. These cute little guys really do look like a smart solution for parents to have around, whether your kids are actually sick or just in need of a little extra pampering from time to time. As do we all.

Find the new heating and cooling pack bears in three colors at the Thermal Aid website.