We’re back with our third selection for the Cool Mom Picks Book Club with a brand new book that’s perfect for Father’s Day: Raising Empowered Daughters: A Dad to Dad Guide, by our friend and author Mike Adamick. Sure, it’s for dads, and we’re moms, but we’re all in this parenting thing together, right?

Plus, if you’re a mom shopping for a dad for Father’s Day, you’ve got an awesome gift idea right at your fingertips.

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And we’re so happy to bring the Cool Mom Picks Book Club to you with the support of our awesome sponsor, The Wines of Vinho Verde. Could there be a more perfect match? These versatile reds, whites, and rosés from Portugal go with whatever you’re eating, and whatever you’re reading. (Though we’ve got some paring ideas below, should you be book-clubbing with friends.)

We’ll be chatting about this book live on Facebook on June 18, 2019, at 9pm ET. (Update: You can now see the video chat through this link.) And don’t forget this is a super laid-back book club. If you only get a chance to buy the book and skim it, that’s okay! We’d love to have you join us to chat.

For more info on How to join the Cool Mom Picks Book Club (it’s easy!) check out this post.

Discussion Questions for Raising Empowered Daughters by Mike Adamick

Whether you’re reading Raising Empowered Daughters along with us, or want to host your own book club, we hope these questions help guide your reading and support making practical applications to your own parenting. We’ll also use these questions to guide our chat together.

Discussion questions for Raising Empowered Daughters by Mike Adamick

1. How does the clothing marketed specifically to girls impact how we raise our kids?

2. What messages are we sending to our girls that could be widening the gap between the sexes?

3. What is the “low dad bar” and how does it affect our kids?

4. How can dads combat the body image issue from an early age?

5. How does our approach to raising boys need to change?

6. What’s the problem with the word “sorry?”

7. How should we approach inequality – as it relates to race and gender?

8. What’s the best way to approach the inevitable and very important uncomfortable conversations?

Visit us our video on Facebook to see our live chat from June 18, when Kristen did a deep dive into the book.


Vinho Verde Alvarinho Wine Pairing Ideas

Wine pairings for the Vinho Verde Soalheiro Alvarinho | Sponsor

We’re particularly fond of Alvarinho! Or, as you may know it, Albariño.

So perfect for these wonderfully warmer climes (hooray!), the Soalheiro Alvarinho (seen here) is fruity and refreshingly citric, with floral notes and a dryness that makes it easy to drink alone or with food.

The wine is made from 100% Alvarinho grapes, all raised in sunny vineyards that combine the green landscape and the solidity of granite soil with the freshness of the Atlantic Ocean breeze. (And yes, we want to be there right now.)

While we know that many wines pair perfectly fine with many foods, wine is often best matched with foods from its own region — in this case, the Minho Valley in the Vinho Verde region of northern Portugal. While it’s perfectly lovely on its own as an aperitif, if you’re serving some book club munchies, our sommelier friends suggest pairing with:

-Raw seafood dishes, like sushi or sashimi, or a fresh sashimi
-Steamed or baked seafood, like crabs or fish
-Seafood on the grill, like whole white fish or shrimp skewers
-Oysters, raw or steamed
-Cheeses, particularly those that are light and creamy, like goat cheeses, burrata or even a brie
-Veggies and fruit, particularly orange or grapefruit to complement the citrus in the Alvarinho

Basically, everything that we love to enjoy in the summer.  Cheers!

Vinho Verde: Versatile wines from Northern Portugal that pair well with all kinds of foods (sponsor)

Thanks so much to our wonderful book club sponsor, the Wines of Vinho Verde, for their support!