This week on Spawned, we’re joined by Amiyrah Martin of 4 Hats and Frugal. She’s one of our favorite writers and Instagrammers and while she’s known for her great tips on saving money, she happens to be pretty sharp with time-saving tips too.

What’s especially wonderful is that she’s all about using time hacks not to just cram more stuff into our days, but really to be able to give our kids more undivided attention, be more present with family, and prioritize what’s important.

We learned a lot and we think you will too.

Some of the other topics we cover:

-Picking the 3-5 “non-negotiables” in your family life to help you prioritize your time and energy

-How being a military family — and just being aware of the world around us — helps create perspective on not sweating the small stuff

How to meal plan In 5 minutes (Psst.. check out the Cool Mom Eats weekly meal plans archive here, and you can even subscribe to get them emailed to you once a week)

-Setting alarms as the ultimate time-saving trick

-How time blocking can help you fit a lot into your day

-Thinking about your time in terms of a “long list” and a “short list”

-Amiyrah’s science-based tip for organizing your entire week in less than 15 minutes using one list

Parkinson’s Law! (Liz and Amiyrah are research nerd-ing over this)

How to plan your entire year in just one day (for real)

-Why self-care should NOT be an afterthought, even for frugal moms.

Listen right here right now!

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And be sure to follow Amiyrah @AmyirahM on Instagram or @AmiyrahMartin on Twitter — she’s amazing. As you can tell.

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