The trend of crazy inflatable lawn sprinklers and cool pool floats shows little sign of slowing down. But if rainbow and unicorn sprinklers aren’t quite up your kid’s alley, I wouldn’t be surprised if a predatory, inter-dimension humanoid lawn sprinkler spraying water through its teeth is just the happy summer lawn toy you’ve been looking for.

When I first spotted this Stranger Things Demogorgon sprinkler at Toy Fair earlier this year, it had me laughing. And it had my Stranger Things-loving kids wishing we had a lawn.

Aw, NYC life.

This Stranger Things Demogorgon Lawn Sprinkler is everything! | Learn more:


It’s pretty massive, if you can’t tell from the photo — over 6-feet tall, so…actual Demogorgon size? Perhaps. Just know that while it’s rated for ages 3+, Stranger Things definitely isn’t.

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