Target has been pretty ahead of the mass retailer curve in terms of sensory-friendly and adaptive clothing for kids. And I’m so happy to see they’re adding new adaptive Halloween costumes this year, made for to help ensure that all kinds of kids get to live out their Halloween fantasies — without lots of hacking and wrangling on the part of their parents.

A sneak peek of the line reveals a plush adaptive unicorn costume (think unicorn onesies, which my youngest is still crazy for), as well as a plush adaptive shark costume — both perfect for boys and girls, obv.

I mean, it’s Halloween! Be a boy unicorn!

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Target adaptive unicorn Halloween costume designed for boys and girls with sensory challenges

Target adaptive shark Halloween costume designed for sensory issues

There are also some specific wheelchair friendly costumes, like this princess for kids 7+ and an adaptive pirate costume for kids using wheelchairs.

The latter has particularly nice touches like leg openings wide enough to keep shoes on while slipping in and out of the pants.

I mean obviously I’d like to see more options (and fewer gendered options) because like, what kid doesn’t want to be a Demagorgon, a brain-eating zombie, or a rock star? But then, I totally understand why they’d stick with more traditionally popular costumes when there’s a limited selection.

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Target adaptive Halloween costumes: Pirate is designed for wheelchair access

Target adaptive princess Halloween costume is great for differently-abled kids

They start at size 3 up through 14, and include sensory-friendly features like flat seams and no tags, plus removable pieces (like the hood) if things get too unwieldy. Hidden openings are an important touch as well. should you need fast access for changing or restroom access.

But the coolest new offering might be the actual wheelchair covers for Halloween!

Target adaptive Princess Halloween costumes designed for wheelchair access and the wheelchair can be decked out too!

The pirate ship and princess carriage wheelchair covers can be cut and tweaked to fit lots of chair styles — saving parents a TON of work that we’ve parents put in over the years, to be sure their own differently-abled kids have the best Halloween of all.

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