I’m kind of yearning for the days that my kids were still Harry Potter obsessed, because I know that they would have totally loved the new Harry Potter collection for kids at Boden.

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It’s a sizable collection for kids newborn through 16 — I counted 80 items in all. And while some are more…loosely connected, like a “Yule Ball Party Dress” that’s basically a party dress with clever branding, there are plenty of items with a clever nod to the Harry Potter characters and iconography. Surely your liittle Potterhead will loooove one of these for a special treat or a holiday or birthday gift perhaps?

Here are just a few favorites I’m loving for boys, girls, and babies. I particularly like the small touches that make some of the pieces particularly special, like embroidery, sequin detailing, bold colorblocking, or Gryffindor color piping at a shirt placket.

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Harry Potter x Boden collection: Hogwarts long hooded sweatshirt

Oversized Hogwarts Crest Hoodie


Harry Potter x Boden collection: Buckbeak jersey tee

Buckbeak Jersey Tee


Harry Potter x Boden collection: Hogwarts houses hat

Hogwarts House Winter Hat 


Harry Potter x Boden Hogwarts embroidered skirt

Hogwarts Embroidered Skirt 


Harry Potter x Boden collection: Weasley's flying car pajamas

Weasley’s Flying Car Longjohn Pajamas 


Harry Potter x Boden: Harry's Glasses baby romper

Harry Potter Glasses Baby Romper

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Harry Potter x Boden collection: Hogwarts house Breton style shirt

Striped Breton Style Hogwarts House Shirt


Harry Potter x Boden collection: Magical creature leggings

Magical Creature Leggings


Harry Potter x Boden collection: Cord shirt with sequin glass and wand

Harry Potter Cord Shirt 


Harry Potter x Boden set of four socks

Set of Harry Potter Socks

The holidays will be here before you know it, right?