I think you’re going to be as excited about LEGO Replay as I am. Because if your kids are like mine, they’ve accumulated a whoooole lot of LEGO bricks over the years. And there comes a point where maybe they don’t need them. Or at least all of them. (Seriously, I’m convinced these things multiply at night, like Gremlins.)

So I adore this new initiative, launching today, that allows you to donate your used LEGO bricks to kids across the US.

We’re talking Duplos, LEGO Friends, big bricks, small bricks, half sets, random minifigs…you name it.

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LEGO Replay lets you donate used bricks to kids in need. Here's how | mompicksprod.wpengine.com

You don’t even pay to ship them. Just visit Give Back Box, a cool org that lets you ship items to various organizations in need. Print a free label, box up those bricks (make sure to get the ones in the couch cushions too), and send it off to them. They’ll clean them all up then repackage them, and distribute them to kids in need thanks to Teach for America and Boys and Girls Club of Boston.

It’s even tax-deductible.

We’re all for less waste, more creative play opportunities for all kids, and more teaching our own children about the importance of giving back. Hooray for an effort that accomplishes them all.