I am so excited about the concept behind Rowan, an ear-piercing service and monthly earring club subscription for kids. Because it’s not just really fun, but truly useful.

I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes in general to help build my kids’ wardrobes,  from clothing to shoes. They’re give me more quality time at home with my kids, rather than spending it sitting in mall traffic, especially around the holidays — let lone the pure exhaustion of trying to keep four kids looking semi-presentable while they grow like weeds.

Rowan’s monthly earring club subscription does the same for accessories.

It offers a new pair of hypoallergenic, Brooklyn-designed earrings in the mail each month along with a few fun goodies around a theme.

It would make a great birthday or holiday gift for a kid who’s ready to start wearing earrings and wants to grow their collection — or maybe for a kid who needs to replace all those earrings they’ve lost, ha.

Then, there’s the ear piercing part.


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Rowan earring subscription for kids: A monthly subscription with earrings and more

Rowan earring subscription for kids: A new pair of earrings every month!

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I still remember being ten years old and my grandmother and mom took me to get my ears pierced; I was so scared that it would hurt, and extra nervous thinking I’d look like a baby in the middle of the mall, where everyone could see me. Rowan takes all the anxiety out of the equation by sending an actual nurse to your home  to pierce your child’s ears. So safe. So comfortable. And no gawking onlookers.

This service is currently just in NYC and Connecticut, but I’m hoping it expands to the whole country. Because, brilliant!

What a special way to let your kid truly celebrate the big ear-piercing milestone, rather than just rushing through it.

Check out the monthly earring subscription at Rowan. You can also sing up for in-home ear piercing in New York and Connecticut, with discounts on additional people. Maybe plan a party?