I don’t need to share any Coronavirus charts or “the world is sucking right now” articles, that’s for sure. Instead, here are the articles, stories, essays, and videos I’ve been bookmarking, passing along to friends, or just saving for myself. Give yourself a little time to read a few articles for pleasure. It’s worth it.


The “All the Single Ladies” remix video you need to see (above) — and yes, that’s Lucille Ball with Ginger Rogers and Lucie Arnaz.
(Actual video and top image from S4 of Here’s Lucy, 1971)

This Isn’t the Parenting Olympics – our own Kristen Chase’s wonderful essay for The Washington Post

The 2020 Pulitzer Prize winners are all amazing, and includes Michael R. Jackson’s A Strange Loop, the first ever Black playwright to win the Drama Pulitzer. Watch cast member Larry Owen’s reaction video on Twitter and cry a happy cry along with him.

More happy crying: Nikole Hannah Jones’s well-deserved Pulitzer for The 1619 Project

My kids are laughing at Rejected Animal Crossing Villagers – by Evan Allgood + Johnathan Appel, illustrated by Camilla Franklin for the New Yorker

How to protect your energy between Zoom meetings (and why they make us so exhausted) – by Elizabeth Grace Saunders for Fast Company

A beautiful story about how Ireland is “returning the favor” by helping Native Americans battle the pandemic. – By Ed O’Loughlin and Mihir Zaveri, NY Times

Lovely story about a small garment district business being brought back to life with the need for… elastic for homemade face masks. – By Karen Rouse for Gothamist

Costco gets an A+++  in social media this week. I’ll be doubling my order next time. (As if it isn’t already massive.)

What 11 top TV writers are bingeing, should you need more ideas.

The renaissance of mail art – Raul Nino for Artnet

Masks and Emasculation: Why Some Men Refuse to Take Safety Precautions – Only read this if you’re prepared to get angry (Or punch a pillow for an hour) – Peter Glick for Scientific American

Graeme Seabrook is offering free access to her Parenting Through the Pandemic video coaching calls if you need some extra support right now.

Why yes, this Cucumber Cilantro Margarita recipe does look perfect for spring – Ed Anderson for Epicurious

The Sesame Street “Caring for Each Other” site is so helpful for parents of preschoolers during Covid-19.

I have greatly enjoyed following Gabrielle Blair’s renovation of an old French house every day on the @designmom Instagram story

And if you haven’t yet read the Caren Doesn’t Want You To Bake Bread story, allow Robin Pennacchia at Wonkette to give you the best ever recap of it.

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