I’ve been blown away by our frontline medical workers during the Covid pandemic, and the degree to which they’ve selflessly put their own safety and health at risk to care for patients and stop the spread  Clearly our kid are learning more about it too, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a whole new generation of kids starts saying “I want to be a nurse” or “I want to be an endocrinologist.” So I am thrilled to discover the Medical Superheroes Collection from CMP favorite indie brand Princess Awesome, which combines traditional comic book imagery (pow! bam!) with medical iconography, like thermometers, syringes, bandages, and yes, masks.

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We're obsessed with this Medical Superhero collection from Princess Awesome!

So glad they have an adult version of this Medical Superheroes dress from Princess Awesome.

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You can find this delightful print on a twirly dress — in both girls and women’s sizes– as well as on some cozy fleece joggers for kids from 2T to 16.

I think any of these items would make such a thoughtful gift for an aspiring nurse or doctor, or for an actual frontline worker (or their kids) whose sacrifice is worth recognizing. Maybe throw in some bath salts and a gift card to their favorite takeout joint, too. They deserve it!

But most of all I’m excited for the kids who will see these and get it instantly. Because who needs Thor’s hammer when you have a stethoscope? If you ask me, healing others is a real super power.

You can preorder from the Medical Superheroes Collection at Princess Awesome from now until June 30th. If they meet their sales goal (each item will need to sell 250 units to be produced), the clothes will ship in November.