Big news, parents! We’ve got a new podcast called Out-Tech Your Kids, a tech-positive podcast for the age of digital parenting. Liz and I answer parents’ top burning tech questions in just 15 minutes or less each week. Hey, we know your time is valuable (we’re parents too!), so we want to give you the information, tips, and how-tos  in the shortest amount of time possible.

We figured that was a reasonable amount of time for a parent to hide in the bathroom. Ha.

On our first episode of Out-Tech Your Kids, we tackle a sort of meta question: Can you really out-tech your kids? And while you might think the simple answer is “yes” (because you named your podcast that, Kristen and Liz, duh), it’s not quite so easy.

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Sofia Family Digital Activity Manager | Sponsor

About our sponsor:

Out-Tech Your Kids is brought to you with the help of our awesome sponsor Sofia Family. They’ve created an amazing digital activity manager that solves a problem parents have asked us about over and over again. It’s actually the first dedicated digital activity time manager built to work across all of your devices, on and offline, even track individual users on shared devices, all from a single app on your own phone or tablet. And we love that they were founded by a dad of four who, like so many parents, was frustrated with arguing and negotiating over screen time.

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