This week on Spawned, I have a fantastic, encouraging conversation with Ada Calhoun, prolific author and writer, who’s always got her finger on the pulse of culture. Her latest book, Why We Can’t Sleep: Women’s New Midlife Crisis (from Amazon, Indiebound, or on Audible), is an absolutely fascinating book for every GenX woman in her 40s and 50s (and thereabouts), and it will surely answer questions you’ve been having lately — or help you identify some things you’ve been feeling but maybe haven’t quite identified. Until now.

Through Ada’s research and interviews with middle class GenX women of all races and backgrounds, from all over the country, she reveals that so many of us are experiencing so many of the same things right now.

In other words, you’re definitely not alone!

And, you’re not a complainer or a whiner for feeling like something’s not right. In fact, there’s a lot we can do to help feel better and fix what’s ailing us.

I particularly love how this phenomenon of a woman’s midlife crisis may feel new, in a way, because for decades, it was really only the realm of men. Or as she reminds me, not too long ago, we were “supposed to feel bad” because, in an Oscar-winning Best Picture, Kevin Spacey couldn’t sleep with a teenage girl.

This discussion will help more of us see why so many of us still feel overwhelmed, dissatisfied to varying degrees, struggling with “who we want to be,” balancing life responsibilities 24/7, and — despite all that we do every day — still feeling like we somehow “failed” (ugh) by not “having it all.”

But hey, it’s not you. Really. Which is why it’s reassuring to hear her reasons to stop blaming ourselves and how to move forward, positively.

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Why We Can't Sleep: Ada Calhoun's new book on the new midlife crisis that seems specific to GenX women. It's so good! And...helpful. You're not alone.

Find Ada and all her books at, and find Why We Can’t Sleep in libraries and bookstores everywhere, as well as on audiobook,  featuring actual voices of the diverse women she’s interviewed throughout the book. It’s even been named among the list of the 20 best audiobooks of 2020 so far.

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