One of the proudest badges of participation in our democracy that we can wear is the little I Voted sticker after we walk away from the polls on Election Day.  But this year, so many more of us are casting absentee ballots, voting by mail (which is safe!) or dropping off our ballots at designated drop boxes during our state’s early voting periods.

And that means, some of us don’t get our little “I voted” stickers that we (and our kids) have come to love!.

So I tracked down some fantastic I Voted stickers you can order for yourself. Not just to reward yourself for voting, but to wear right up through November 3 to remind others how important this election is to you.

Hand them out to your friends who’ve voted; send them to your college-age kids who are voting;. leave them in envelopes taped to your neighbors’ doors, or include them in letters to voters you may be writing,

This is one case where giving feels just as good as receiving.

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I Voted stickers: Celebrate a woman's right to vote with these She Voted stickers from MyMollyBlu

With this year being the 100th anniversary the 19th Amendment — let alone a record number of women running up and down the ticket this year — I’m really drawn to these She Voted stickers at MyMollyBlu. They’re generic enough that you can even safely wear them to the polls,   should you be voting in person.


I Voted stickers: Register your dissent with these RBG stickers from I Voted Today.

So many of us are still mourning the lost of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and I know so many women who are voting in her honor. so I think a lot of us would love this RBG collar sticker on our lapels, courtesy I Voted Today Stickers. It’s a lovely, simple way to honor her life of service to our country, and to let others know that a balanced Supreme Court is on your mind.

Because if there’s one thing you can do to honor Justice Ginsbur,  it’s vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Plus, with each purchase they’ll donate $2 to to get the vote out.


I Voted stickers: Show you vote to support Black lives with these stickers from I Voted Today that give back to

Having a candidate run for president who was reluctant to denounce white supremacist groups during a debate was appalling to me — and fortunately, to most of America. These Exercise Your Rights “I voted”  stickers from I Voted Today let others know you stand up for Black lives.

With every purchase, $2 is donated to which is working to make sure everyone who can vote can do it as easily as possible.


I Voted stickers: Let everyone know you've voted with Pride with these stickers from I Voted Today

If you’re casting a vote to protect families of all kinds this year, then snag the Pride ‘I Voted” sticker from I Voted Today. In fact, go ahead and stick an extra on your computer or coffee mug. Because protection and support for LGBTQ+ families, friends, and neighbors doesn’t end November 3.

I love that $2 of this purchase also goes to

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I Voted stickers: Even if you vote by mail, you can still have a sticker from Pika and Marmot!

For many of us, voting by mail is something new this year — and for plenty of us with higher risk factors, it’s also the safest way to vote during the Covid pandemic. This I Voted By Mail sticker comes in a variety set of 5 stickers from Pika and Marmot, so there are plenty for you to share. It’s also a nice reminder that voting by mail is safe, and incredibly hard for bad actors to mess with.


I Voted stickers: Women (and men) who vote for women's rights need these stickers from I Voted Today.

Women who are voting in part to support and protect other women, whether they’e on the ballot or just impacted by it: here’s your I Voted sticker. This Who Runs the World? voting sticker from I Voted Today, is pretty awesome. And when you buy this set of 2 stickers, $2 goes to to help get more people to vote.


I Voted stickers: If you take voting very seriously, these stickers from Lucky Dog are great.

If you want to get edgy, I love that this set of four “I Voted” stickers from Lucky Dog can carry you through the rest of election season, from before you vote to after. If you’d rather skip the salty language (hey there, parents of young kids!) no worries, the shop offers you an option that just includes the other designs.